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download game Ninja Arashi 2 for mobile


download game Ninja Arashi 2 for mobile


 Ninja Arashi 2 - Distributed by Black Panther Studio for smartphones with Android OS. Her adventurous style. After welcoming the first version of this game, the second version is also presented by the manufacturer with an emphasis on the story itself. We are the first Arab site to put it.



Ninja Arashi 2 can be considered the sequel to the first part. The hero escapes from the icy prison in which he was imprisoned, and after his release he prepares for revenge and saves the other prisoners from the clutches of this evil demon. You have to play Archie and fight enemy forces that are now stronger and bigger than before. Dangerous missions await and you must pass them all skillfully.

Ninja Arashi 2's adventure game contains 4 different sections and in each division there are 20 challenging levels awaiting you, with a total of 80 exciting stages. It should be noted that in this version, new and more diverse sections have been added from the first version. Free download for respected users for free on their servers. Ninja Arashi 2 fans have also downloaded Shadow Fight. This game has been tested and runs fully and without any problems. A score of 4.6 is awarded for this game by users on Google Play. Obtaining an excellent score out of a total of 5 available points is not an opportunity, and its general acceptance is shown by many users around the world. We hope you enjoy using this game. You can first see the images of the game's environment and its trailer before downloading it, and if you notice, then go ahead. This popular and great game will dazzle you for months.




Ninja Arashi 2 game features


Escape from the evil ice prison
Dealing with demonic powers
It has 4 different sections
There are 80 exciting and amazing stages
The ability to use different weapons
The ability to unlock and use great skills
Attractive and stunning graphics
Simple and smooth controls
The rewards are endless



Gameplay in Ninja Arashi 2 is the same as previous versions in the form of hand-to-hand combat and you have to use different weapons against your enemies.

But the most important and clear change that this version of the game compared to previous versions is the game's characters, in previous versions the characters appeared in black and shade, but in this version of the game, the characters are natural, with appearance and clothes. She is different.




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