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download game Desert legend for mobile


download game Desert legend for mobile


 The eternal crystal puzzle is a horizontal movement parkour game. The story of the game takes place in the twelfth century in the Arabian Peninsula, when the European Crusaders invaded the Arabian Peninsula.
The protagonist, Jaber, embarks on an adventure to restore the glory of his ancestors, discover the truth hidden in the dark during the adventure, and is determined to save the Arabian Peninsula with the hero Saladin and resist the Crusaders and the forces of evil from behind them.
Game features:
1. While playing, avoid various obstacles and enemies, and use different moves to kill them, moves and skills are fluid.
2. Wonderful BOSS design, fierce battles with BOSS.
3. Players join Jaber and get stronger during the adventure.
4. Wonderful design for gameplay and stages.
5. You can compete with friends, or team up with friends to defeat powerful BOSS.



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