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download game Bullet Ech‪o for mobile


download game Bullet Ech‪o for mobile


 Do you think you have what it takes to survive on the battlefields?

Bullet Echo is an action-packed game that lets you live in a real-world of hiding, discovering, and shooting. You and your team will be thrown into a dark map with nothing but weapons and shirts on your body. Explore the dimly lit halls,

 Collect shields and weapons, and cooperate with your teammates to detonate and destroy every enemy. Only the bravest and strongest survive in Bullet Echo's.

 Choose from a list of dozens of unique characters, each with their unique tactics and skills. You will need to learn to combine the strengths of your squad and devise combat tactics that make your opponents beg for mercy

Use the map, plan the ambush, and destroy the rain on other teams in this exciting real-time online shooting game!

Tactical Stealth Action: You will only be seen by the torch, but you can hear enemy steps and shots.

Designed for team play: start playing with friends over the Internet immediately! Your Hero level is matched with the highest level in the clique.

Multiple game modes: team vs team, single, and battle royale with 5 mini-teams in one map.

Unlock and upgrade new heroes: each hero has special abilities. Rank up to boost your hero's strength and unlock new perks.

Be on top: Participate in tournaments, accomplish missions, and get valuable resources.

Earn rewards: Battle to unlock new heroes, premium weapons, new features, maps, and game modes!



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