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download game Archer's Tale for mobile


download game Archer's Tale for mobile


 Archer’s Tale may be a fast-paced action RPG game mixed with roguelike randomly generated dungeons. you're the archer hero on your quest to become the master of arrows, bow, and crossbow. Explore a fantasy world filled with dungeons and mazes and fight your way through mystic places during this dungeon crawler action game.

Start a journey where you'll destroy evil beasts, mythical bosses, and waves of monsters in battles filled with strategy and tactics. does one have what it takes to become an epic adventure archer?

 CHOOSE YOUR SKILLS: give your archer elemental arrows, faster attack speed, or multiple arrows.
 POWERFUL EQUIPMENT: choose between bows, crossbows, helmets, and capes. Create a strong hero with unique builds.
 UNIQUE SPELLS: Powerful shields, life drain attacks, poison arrows, and lots of other skills are going to be earned for every successful dungeon run.
 ENEMY WAVES: Evil enemies and managers have defeated many an archer who has dared to line foot in their dungeon. Will you be the one to survive?
 EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER: 100+ different monsters with special attacks and skills that you're going to want to memorize and learn to avoid.
 MYTHICAL BOSSES: Unique, challenging bosses sleep in the dungeons, protecting powerful items that are worth fighting for.
 RANDOM DUNGEONS: Start your adventure on a beach that results in a fantastic yet dangerous Atlantis.

 Smash boss enemies
Explore fantasy dungeons crammed with obstacles and legendary beasts together with your master hunter archer. during this action-adventure game, you're the hero, bent slay epic boss monsters. Dodge their attacks and break their defenses together with your powerful weapons and skills. Epic gems and new equipment are going to be your reward if you win the roguelike battle. Choose your weapon and enter the stage to fight for survival - only the toughest archery master can win.

 Level up your skills
Want burning arrows or bullets that poison your enemies? This idle RPG game offers you an enormous sort of talent to coach on your thanks to being the master archer. you opt for the archer’s fate by mastering magic hunter attacks to finish quests for epic loot. Claim unique rewards to level up your archer hero.

 Hunter for legendary items
In Archer’s Tale, you'll explore roguelike dungeons, collect epic weapons and equipment that you simply can level up and enhance with powerful gems and magical artifacts. Craft unique bows and upgrade arrows to form every shot a headshot and become the master of arrows.

 Why this dungeon crawler game is awesome
Random dungeons.
Every run is exclusive.
Powerful collectible items and kit.
Nonstop action game.
Unique hero builds.

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