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With the inclusion of free or price-reduced TiVo-powered DVRs (digital video recorders), the advantages of DIRECTV became such a lot greater. Particularly compelling is that the high definition DVR combo that new DIRECTV subscribers can currently receive at a good price. in fact the question to be asked is: If I can receive a free DVR with my DIRECTV subscription, why dish out the additional cash for the upgrade? There are quite few reasons. How compelling they're will depend upon you and your family’s television viewing habits, but briefly , if you own quite one TV during a household of quite one DIRECTV viewer, this piece of kit offers several features whose advantages you'll seriously want to think about . 

The HD DVR is that the very first DIRECTV receiver capable of digital video and high definition reception, which is additionally to its ability to function in additional than one room. What this suggests is that it's not only possible to attach two or more televisions to a high definition DIRECTV signal and record the programming received, you furthermore may not need separate boxes for top definition and DIRECTV. Furthermore, unlike other high definition DIRECTV receivers, this particular unit is additionally capable of receiving a typical definition signal, eliminating the necessity to stay that standard definition antenna/receiver around. this is often just the start .

In terms of features and style , the HD DVR offers various recording and viewing possibilities that are almost too numerous to list. Both televisions connected to the present box are often set to manual/auto timers and should also do quick records. Furthermore, while a “live” program is being recorded it's possible to observe another program already recorded from DIRECTV onto the disk drive . There are fifty such automatic/manual timers. This presents one with many options. The DIRECTV receiver are often set to tune to your favorite sitcom on one station, while recording that documentary on another station that you simply want to observe later. you'll be watching one station while recording two different standard definition movies or television shows. Or, one high definition channel are often recorded at an equivalent time as another channel in standard definition. 

Since the DIRECTV recording capabilities of this box are so sophisticated, the engineers who put it together were thoughtful enough to incorporate a user friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Using the cursor, all one need do is navigate to the specified program and press the “select” button on the remote . For those that have used TiVo, this may already be familiar, as will the choices to record the program once, weekly, Monday through Friday, etc. This user friendly and streamlined interface is formed even better by the very fact that the EPG lists nine full days worth of programming, and this list is stored Directly on the HD DVR ’s disk drive . This puts the knowledge literally at your fingertips. The EPG becomes even better by a handy “search” function, which makes locating your favorite programs a breeze.

What’s really great about the HD DVR is that with it you've got two high definition receivers in one box. This feature makes it possible to observe DIRECTV in two locations in your home, and to possess a special program on either TV. Even better, this receiver comes with two remote controls - one for every television connected to the DIRECTV signal. The remotes themselves are extremely handy creatures, all capable of working up to one-hundred feet and thru walls. additionally to the DIRECTV receiver they're capable of controlling the tv , VCR, or DVD player.

Other features of the HD DVR include parental control locks (so two DIRECTV connected TVs needn't mean a loss of oversight), also as a wealth of program information on the EPG, including theme lists, favorites, and one-touch channel return. there's also closed-caption and alternate audio support. For those concerned about inputs and outputs, the has them in plenty, one HDMI, one component video out, one A/V out, and a digital optical out. additionally to the DIRECTV antenna input, there's an antenna RF input for receiving and recording local high definition channels. there's also a twin satellite input on the rear panel, the in-jack for the second television, a telephone jack , an adjunct jack for a VCR signal blaster, and a mysterious though implicitly exciting USB port for an as of yet unspecified future use. 

Thanks to the professional installation technician sent to my house by Dish Network, installation of the DIRECTV and HD DVR was a snap. Once up and running, it took little time to urge a pity the EPG and the way to navigate it using the arrow keys on the remote. While surfing the EPG, the channel currently being watched converts to a picture-in-picture (PIP) box up the upper right-hand of the screen in order that nothing is missed. Accessing recorded shows is additionally as simple as touching the obviously placed button labeled “DVR”. In no time whatsoever I had programmed the recording of several upcoming programs that a couple of late nights at work would otherwise have caused me to miss. 

In converging the simplest aspects of two great products into one even greater product, high definition DIRECTV and digital video powered by TiVo, the HD DVR creates the twin effect of exponentially increasing your entertainment options while making home entertainment more simple and versatile than ever. This is a superb DIRECTV receiver for not one, but two televisions; this fact alone makes the model ideal, especially for those folks with families of broad and oftentimes conflicting tastes. However, the designers of this DIRECTV receiver didn't stop there when contemplating the unit. In functionality and style , the HD DVR ’s multiplicity of options and its user-friendly interface are without parallel.