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Dear Affiliate Manager, Can You Make That Brandable?


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Question: Why are my affiliates posing for brandable reports? How am I alleged to manage that?

Dear Affiliate Manager,

What tools are you providing to your affiliates? If it’s just a typical button or text link, you’re only doing half your job. Not only is it less productive for you to possess a gaggle of affiliates half-interested in promoting your product, but it’s just irresponsible to possess an affiliate program without helping your affiliates to form money.

You heard me. I’m sick and uninterested in it and I’m speaking my mind.

Help me… to assist you. Affiliate marketing is meant to be win-win. So, let’s work together on this to form us both some money.

My favorite affiliate programs provide many free tools. All things an equivalent , I’ll promote an affiliate program that appears like they care quite one that isn’t even trying, because, to me, it's a mirrored image on their overall quality.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a lady . i prefer to create relationships. i prefer to feel appreciated. 

And, of course, I’m in affiliate marketing because i would like to form money! So, once I find an affiliate program that gives a brandable free report that I can share with my subscribers, promote an excellent product and make money within the process? Score!

Now, don’t insult my intelligence by packaging up some random articles that don't have anything to try to to with anything and telling me it’s an ebook. Don’t give me junk. First of all, you’re representing your quality, and I’m representing mine. So, give me something good. a top quality report or ebook, with an excellent preview of your product and what you offer.

My readers are going to be loyal, then will I.

Do you need a loyal army of affiliates? Walk a mile in their shoes. Why did they check in for your affiliate program? Because they believe your products. Treat them well, and you’ll have loyalty that you simply can’t patronize any price.