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Dear Affiliate Manager: Are You Hoarding Your Articles?


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Question: My affiliates keep bugging me about my articles. Why do they need my articles and will I allow them to have them? What do i buy out of it?

Dear Affiliate Manager,

You hit on my complaint . Stop hoarding your articles already! does one want your affiliates to market your program repeatedly to their lists and on their sites or don’t you? Isn’t the goal to urge your website exposure everywhere the internet? The more sales your affiliates make – the extra money you’ll BOTH make.

My favorite affiliate programs are those which give me with articles or brandable ebooks. These marketers understand what it’s wish to be an affiliate who wants to form money. Make it easy on behalf of me to market your product repeatedly. Give me quality articles I can use on my websites, in my newsletter and in my blog with my affiliate link included. Don’t just shove a link at me and say “good luck”. It’s not exactly motivating me to travel sell your product. Hey, if you don’t give me the tools i would like , your competition will.

And, let me clarify something. Providing free affiliate articles with links to your other websites in it, bypassing your affiliates – that’s just wrong. Please don’t make the article leaky by adding several self-promoting links within the body of the article. As an affiliate, I don’t want to market your other programs and send you leads out of sheer generosity. Although i'm a pleasant person and I’m happy to market good products, I’m not donating my time to market your products. First, the products need to be good. Secondly, all things equal, I even have to be ready to feed my family within the process. Stealing commissions from your own affiliates is simply wrong on many levels.

So, what are you able to do to start out building a loyal army of affiliates today? Put yourself in their shoes. They’ve signed up for your program because they believe your products and in your reputation. Show them that you simply simply view your affiliates as partners and you’ll have loyalty that you can’t patronize any price.