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Tapes serve different purposes. There are packaging tapes, measuring tapes, barrier tapes then on. A custom printed tape can enhance its usefulness as when the Police barrier tape carries the printed message 'Do not cross the line'. they could even be essential for the tape's intended function as within the case of the measuring tape that's printed with units of length.

We are concerned here, however, with custom printing of tapes for business purposes. Companies can for instance , use packaging tapes and barrier tapes for brand building and other promotional purposes.

Custom Printed Tapes for Packaging

Packaging tapes are used when a product must be packed in cartons or paper packages before shipment. The tape goes wherever the package goes, and may act as a messenger for the company's messages.

The message can differ in its intent. it'd just contains handling instructions as when it says 'FRAGILE'. It can function a label, say, 'REJECTED' in bold red. It can identify the merchandise within the package.

The one message that each one marketing oriented companies will want, however, may be a brand-building or promotional message. Custom printed tapes with the company's logo, name and get in touch with details can help create brand recognition. Where space permits, as within the case of the broader gummed paper tapes, even product advertisements are often accommodated on the printed tapes.

The advantage of custom printing of packaging tapes with brand-building and other promotional messages is that a lot of people see it during its transit. Many of them could be curious about the merchandise and may become customers.

And at the destination, a top quality packaging tape with top quality printing can impress the customer, and reinforce the corporate brand in his mind.

Custom Printed Barrier Tape

Barrier tapes are utilized in public places. they need attention-catching designs, and are comparatively wider. When employed by governmental agencies just like the local department , the tapes typically carry such messages as 'Don't cross the line' warning passersby that the enclosed area may be a restricted place, like a criminal offense scene.

When employed by companies at worksites and outdoor events, barrier tapes, like other custom printed tapes, can function brand-building and business promotional media. Their public location, highly visible patterns and wide printing areas make them ideal for these purposes. for instance , a good yellow tape that carries a top quality printed company logo, name and get in touch with number are going to be highly visible.

When erected at worksites, the tapes come to be related to performance. Observers will become aware that the corporate may be a performer, not just a talker.

Properly used, custom printed barrier tapes also can serve a promotional function at outdoor events and campaign venues.


Custom printed tapes can serve a strictly utilitarian function, just like the packaging tape that highlights package handling instructions or a barrier tape that warns passersby to not cross a line into, say, a criminal offense scene under police control.

From a business point of view, it's the brand building and promotional aspects which may be more important. Custom printed packaging tapes can carry the corporate logo, name and get in touch with number during its transit. Custom printed barrier tapes at public locations can catch the attention of the passersby with their arresting designs, and project the corporate brand or promote its product.