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Creating Power Phrases is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


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Simple phrases can carry an impacting wallop! The key...keep it simple, yet powerful. Power phrases work because they effect the emotions of the reader. they permit the reader to FEEL the advantages that your product or service offers them. 

Let's face it, we make emotional decisions about our purchases then search for the logic to back it up. Hey, even the logic makes us desire we've made the proper choice! Yes, we'll use logic to justify our purchases, but the important motivator is that the emotional impact the acquisition evokes.

The Secrets to making Power Phrases

1. you would like to become a professional at creating phrases that spur the customer's desire for your product or service? Write an inventory of all the advantages your product or service has got to offer. Simply combine one or more benefits with high intensity action words and you're able to go!

Here are some examples to urge you started:

" Quick! Easy! And the lowest Prices!

" Work You'll Love, extra money in Your Pocket, and longer to Spend It!

2. High Impact words like: quick, easy, low-cost, enjoy, love, and help are key to making statements that make dramatic word pictures in your customer's mind.

3. Many of the foremost powerful power phrases are made from 3 words or groups of words during a series. These 3 word grouping produce a dramatic effect that emblazons itself into the mind of the reader. Some examples which may work for you are:

" "Save time. economize . Get rapid results!"

" "Fast! Easy! Dirt Cheap!"

" "Sit back, relax, enjoy!"

" "Power, Performance, Endurance!"

Hey, it doesn't take a genius to make phrases that get down the page, and demand action from the reader!