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Every great performance goes out with a bang, right? My favorite finale has always been fireworks. Whether it’s the top of the day at Disney World or a Fourth of July Celebration, I enjoy the brilliant colors and loud sounds of the explosions. they carry to mind a way of power and impact that finishes off an excellent day.

Why not take that idea and include it into copywriting for your next spam campaign? The three most import aspects of any sales letter/flyer/postcard are: 

1. Openings that get your mail read 

2. Copy that sells 

3. And yes… a call-to-action that creates an enormous bang!

The call-to-action must be direct and to the purpose . A simply click here, buy today, or economize isn’t enough. It’s quite like hanging up a “Wanted Dead or Alive” sign around town without supplying a reputation . It doesn’t cause the capture of the many “wanted.”

The three basic aspects of a robust call to action are…

1. Communicate your expectations.

If you would like your reader to select up the phone, visit your internet site , or bring a coupon to your store, say it. Be direct! allow them to know exactly what you would like them to try to to .

2. Make it easy.

We sleep in a busy world. Don’t make it hard for the reader to work out the way to contact you. After you communicate the action you’re trying to find , put the knowledge right there. Include Web addresses, phone numbers, or maybe a map to your store. Your busy readers will appreciate it.

3. Make it emotional.

Love, fear, guilt, and pride are emotional factors that directly affect response and buying decisions. 

Once your copy is written, make a checklist of those three vital aspects of your call-to-action, and guarantee explosive results!