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Consistent Marketing Provides Big Rewards


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Being inconsistent when it involves marketing your business are often a recipe for disaster. Nothing is more irritating to a possible customer than inconsistency. 

When we consciously create consistent messages, brands, systems and communications, our customers begin to relax and know that we are trustworthy and reliable. This consistency enhances our marketing messages and fuels our marketing machine. Perception is everything. And, how you are doing everything, from completing projects on time, to returning phone calls is critically important when trying to create a robust brand. 

What are you able to do on a uniform basis which will rev up your marketing efforts?

1. Clarify your target market or niche. Your target market, also referred to as your niche, is that the group of individuals to whom you would like to plug your products or services. it's vitally important that you simply have your target clearly defined in order that you are not wasting some time doing activities which will not produce the results you are looking for. once you have a clearly defined niche, it's easier to craft marketing messages, materials, seminars and articles which will serve your clients and build your business. 

2. found out a time for returning phone calls to clients. It's really important, not just for your personal sanity, but also for creating a way of consistency around your business operations, to line up a clearly defined time for returning telephone calls. First, from a private energy standpoint, it's much easier and time efficient to return calls at one or two time intervals every day , than to react and answer calls as they are available in. you'll “train” your clients or potential clients to know how you use , by simply leaving a message on your voice mail that you simply will return calls promptly twice per day. in fact , you'll alter the schedule to suit your needs, on the other hand you do not got to feel overwhelmed or overburdened reacting to each ring of the phone. 

3. Create folders to handle email. most of the people will agree that handling email is one among the foremost time consuming tasks. To deal more efficiently and effectively with the volumes of email you'll be receiving, create email folders within your email program to handle the mail sorting. Almost every email program contains the power to style custom email folders which email is automatically sorted into as they're received. you'll create folders for your clients (by client name), vendors or suppliers you affect , relations , also as for newsletters or other frequently received materials. Whether you select to categorize folders by names or material , email folders will hamper the time consuming process of wading through one long list of emails.


4. Schedule email handling. Similarly to handling your telephone calls, it is vital to line aside regular times to answer your email. it's so tempting to stay checking your email to ascertain if you've got any new mail or surprises! Unfortunately, that activity wastes your valuable time and is distracting to your mental energies. you'll find that answering your email very first thing within the morning, immediately after lunch then at the top of the day (allocating no quite 30-minutes at each sitting, if possible) works well. regardless of how tempting it'd be, discipline yourself to seem at email only at these times unless there's an overriding circumstance. a bit like within the case of returning phone calls, this may allow you to stay your mental energies focused on the work you've got to try to to . 

5. Use a calendar system. Scheduling your activities, while it'd sound dull or boring, is really the simplest thanks to make sure that you're operating in an optimal way! to try to to lists are wonderful, however, to try to to lists get done faster when they're actually integrated into your calendar. Giving yourself due dates serves to motivate you and pull you forward to accomplishing things. When putting items from your to try to to list on your calendar, confirm you break each of those items in to smaller items which are easier to try to to . Completing shorter, smaller tasks will offer you a way of accomplishment which will help motivate you to maneuver to subsequent step. Also, confirm you integrate slack time by either scheduling it or taking each task and blocking out quite enough time to urge it done. 

6. Schedule creative time to balance your energy. you'll have heard the phrase, “all work and no play makes us dull”. Dull isn't a top quality which will cause business success. Creative time gives you the space to re-vitalize your mind, body, and spirit - its playtime! Having time to balance out your energy is critical to your business success. it is vital to possess new ideas and points of view to stay your business perspective fresh. Using the calendar system described in Tip #5, confirm you schedule in creative time a minimum of once per week. Creative time can mean various things to different people. Your creative time might contains taking a walk, enjoying a bath , reading through magazines or books for pleasure, or maybe taking note of music. 

7. Hire a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant or a VA, as they're commonly mentioned , may be a wonderful addition to any business operation. they will be even as valuable to a replacement businessperson as they're to at least one who is experienced. If you're feeling overwhelmed, otherwise you do not have a skill during a particular area, rather than spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time, find someone who can assist you out. A virtual assistant are often hired by the hour or by the project or maybe by another creative arrangement. you do not got to hire a full-time assistant or consultant to urge through a number of the challenging issues in your business.

8. Use technology to your advantage. Technology tools will make your business operations much easier. One excellent tool you'll use to save lots of tons of your time and energy is auto responders. An auto responder may be a system that permits you to automatically send information to your clients. for instance that you simply simply have a free special report that you want to be automatically sent to anyone who requests it. rather than manually processing each of those requests, you'll actually found out an auto responder that automatically emails the report for you. 

9. Creation in bulk. What does one neutralize your business that you simply do tons of? does one write tons of articles, or marketing letters, or does one have a monthly newsletter or weekly eZine? so as to form the foremost of some time and skill to concentrate your energies, attempt to do many things at one sitting or over a 1 or two day period. We all skills hard it's to urge started on a replacement project! it's tons more efficient to write down several months of newsletters or marketing letters during a single sitting than to try to to them at separate times. You'll feel great once you can sit back and see that you've got accomplished a year of labor during a day or two. And, do not forget to schedule this point in your calendar!

10. Consistent messages. Communicating a uniform message in your marketing is vital to your business success. for instance confirm you website, your email signature and your business cards and stationery all have an equivalent look and feel. The fonts and designs and colours should all be similar. If you're serving different marketing niches, confirm that you simply have separate and distinct materials for every , including a separate website. Don't confuse your potential clients by communicating things that are inconsistent. If they're confused, then quite likely, they'll think that you simply are!

© Copyright 2004 by Alicia Smith