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Computer Consulting: Spread the Word


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Make sure your current computer consulting clients, friends, and family know what sorts of companies you're employed with, the kinds of belongings you do, and the way much you'd appreciate referrals from them.

A lot of times, by asking the proper quite open-ended questions, you'll be very pleasantly surprised when your computer consulting contacts start discussing something that evolves into a $10,000 or $15,000 services opportunity because all of them of a sudden had a lightening bolt moment.

What you'll Hear

“We have this woman in Accounting who is typing an equivalent thing in 3 times over and over and once again . i'm wondering if there’s how that you simply could found out links or do something in Access that that might eliminate that?” or “We have this crazy process where we’re still using this DOS-based 19.2 modem but we’ve heard there’s a web-based thanks to do that . are you able to check out it and help us implement it?” this is often a golden opportunity to urge more computer consulting business. 

Open Ended Questions are Best


Get your customers talking. rather than asking, "Are we doing an honest job?" which provides you a "yes" or "no" answer, you'll ask questions that offer you more opportunities to serve your customers. Ask them questions like:

"How are we doing?""What else can we assist you with?""What does one like about how we’re helping?""What does one like about how we’re servicing the account?""What does one think we will improve on?" 

Now take this information and suggest new ways of working together to profit both of you. 

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