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Computer Consulting: Don’t Market the 90’s Way


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The 90’s was a time of certification for computer consulting businesses. Everyone touted what formal partnerships that they had with what major corporations. “Hire us because we’re a Novell certified shop” or “Hire us because we’re an IBM business partner.”

Most consultants aren’t leading thereupon anymore because they don’t want to be perceived as an extension of that company sales department . they need to be perceived as their own brand of computer consulting.

The Benefits of Partner Programs Have Disappeared

In the old days, you wont to get big MDS and co-op advertising once you were during a partner program. Those days are rapidly ending, so there’s really no financial reason for sticking their logo everywhere the place anymore. Spend longer branding yourself as against just that specialize in the solutions that you simply represent.

Stick To The Products you recognize 

Naturally once you get new computer consulting prospects and you’re taking them through the qualification stages and sales calls, you’re getting to tend to recommend the solutions that you’re most comfortable with.

If you’re authorized to belong to a program, you’re getting to recommend that specific solution. That’s fine, but don't make your marketing message specialise in just that specific product or that specific platform.

Don't Become a Commodity 

If you do, you open yourself up to commodity priced competition. Your prospects will ask why they ought to buy their NetWare license from you if they will catch on cheaper on the online or through order . Don’t open yourself to a bidding war. 

That way of selling is dated. It’s passé. you're far better off if you market what your computer consulting business can do for your client!

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