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Artists use color many various ways. the colours that we see are light waves reflected or absorbed by everything around us. In nature, a rainbow is really a white light that's broken apart by the moisture within the air. 

The nineteenth century was the turning point for the event of color illustration. At the beginning of the century, books with colored plates were hand colored by the artist using techniques that dates back to the Renaissance. 100 years later, the steam driven press and therefore the photo reproductive techniques took printing out of the hands of the artist and introduced processes which might be used until the pc revolution of today. 

Today’s color printing uses new technologies and techniques like digital lithography. Color printing today is usually handled using lithography . This printing coats a rubber drum with the colour and water necessary to supply the image. The image is then transferred to the offset drum. From the offset drum the image is transferred to the paper or other printable medium. This process makes it possible to transfer color photographs easily. 

As technology continues to develop, new printing techniques will eventually overtake offset because the favorite printing option. offset is that the least expensive at now but manufacturers of digital printing try to catch up. 

Keep in mind that the proper printing technique for any business is one that delivers a superior output, time after time, with no breakdown in quality. Traditional full color printing involves higher found out costs, thus, excluding small quantity jobs from full color. The increased found out costs also creates large outdated inventories of previously printed materials produced in large amounts to justify the prices of full color. But that's within the past. Digital color printing is fast gaining with offset . 

Digital printing is one the simplest kept secrets of the printing industry. Using this technology, you'll print full-color materials with high resolution images and crisp text in very short runs on demand. There are two sorts of digital printing in color. the primary one is only electronic. This method uses no plates and toner based ink on true digital presses. The second type is named direct image printing or DI printing. This method uses conventional ink and plates to print runs as low as 250 to 500. 

Whether you employ pure or DI printing, you'll now afford to print in color. Printing in color has been much affordable lately . So, juice up your advertising materials with color and pictures . Don’t be afraid to print your text in red, tangerine or deep green and contribute a couple of pictures.