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Choosing The Right Tradeshow(s)


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Let's face it, everybody has exhibited at a tradeshow and at the top of the show said, "I'll never do that show again". With the proliferation of trade shows lately , which show does one choose? Well, first of all you do not just choose one show and let that be your agenda for the year; you propose your schedule strategically. i might suggest, counting on your industry, let's take manufacturing for instance , you select no fewer than two shows per annum and more, if warranted (more thereon during a minute). Two shows, one within the spring and one within the fall, allows your organization the enjoy any sales cycles which will exist. More to the purpose it allows your sales department to interface with prospects and suspects, to not mention customers, which can only get perfunctory attention during the remainder of the year. And, it provides excellent momentum for introduction of latest products and services. quite two shows? Absolutely, if your organization has opportunities in sectors of huge market categories.

But which shows? Here are some suggestions to consider: If the show is National, where can your space be positioned and what's the trend in exhibitors? Can your space be positioned near the doorway or are you getting to relegated to some obscure space within the back of the hall? When the calls to entry comes in, are an equivalent number of exhibitors signed up this year as last OR is it negative gain? is that the show manager, your industry association? And, if so, are they offering symposia on meaningful industry issues (or maybe no round tables or topics at all)? If so, can your sales manager be a speaker or a minimum of on a round table discussion panel? If not, likelihood is that your customers will feel an equivalent and skip the show. i might poll your ten top customers and ask what show(s) they attend. And, if there are several new prospects or suspects that have high potential, ask them also . A blinding glimpse of the obvious? Probably. Good marketing? and how .

What if the shows your organization is considering are simply Regional or Local in scope? i might call the show manager and ask about attendance over the last several years. If it's up or steady; it's definitely worth considering. If not, what is the point?

If it's Regional, i might definitely ask an equivalent set of questions but i might search for the participation of my competition also . If your competition is there, you'll be conspicuous by your absence. If not, it's going to be a golden opportunity, especially if the attendance is up from one year to subsequent . If your competition has been there but not recently, you'll want to ask some more questions and see if the proper set of prospects and suspects fits your goals.

If it's Local, i might definitely check the venue. If the venue may be a hotel or motel, it's going to be OK but as long as you're offered adequate space (definitely not a hallway). If it is a convention center or exhibition area , definitely worth considering - the venue is true round the corner and you'll rotate manning the booth throughout the show so it's convenient for everyone .

Remember, regardless of WHAT THE SHOW, the organization that finishes up with the foremost visitors to its space is that the organization that wins.