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What might be more welcoming than the spicy smell of hot pie to receive you into a fresh neighborhood filled with people you’ve never met? Hopefully you life has been filled with warm, hospitable neighbors wherever you’ve lived. Perhaps not…

If you’ve ever had a nasty experience with a neighbor, you recognize just what proportion those invisible people really realize you. Maybe they peer through the curtains whenever you allow the house, or have a secret spy chain… who knows how they gather their ill-gotten knowledge? Fortunately, nosy neighbors aren’t all bad news – for the marketer anyway.

The facts are that no matter whether we trust them to observe over our possessions or are afraid to go away our possessions unattended in our absences, neighbors seem to understand tons about us. They know once we are usually home, and when we’ve been out past our normal bedtime. They’ve probably received mail meant for us, and know which catalogs we read. Hey, this data may be a goldmine within the hands of a savvy marketer.

Name dropping takes on new meaning when utilized in the context of the “keep up with the Jones” or “keep tabs on the Jones” philosophy – whichever the case could also be . All you've got to try to to is casually mention that Sally Jones across the road uses your product or service, and you'll watch calculating interest immediately spring into the eyes of your prospect. 

Imagine the success this might increase your next spam campaign! Heck, when your prospective customers know some one, intimately or casually, who’s on your customer list it adds credibility to your claims. they will simply step nearby to seek out out more about you. You supply a link that connects them to you, and increases the chances enticing them to offer your product or service a try.

3 Steps to Converting Neighbors Into Loyal Customers

1. Make an inventory 

Print an in depth list of your current customers and their addresses.

2. Do your Homework

Research an area criss-cross street directory online or at your local library, and make an inventory of the neighbors on all sides and directly across the road from your current customer.

3. Put it within the Mail

Send out simple form letters that allow you to incorporate the name of the neighbor you count as a loyal customer. 

The formula for successfully turning neighbors is pretty simple. you are doing the math…

1 Customer + 4 Neighbors = Double Your Current Customer List

It’s a sure-fire thanks to win credibility and take advantage on natural instincts. I’ve never met a marketer who wasn’t able to jump at the prospect to double their customer list and convert it into profits.

You may have a file filled with the dynamite which will blast your business into a fresh level of success this year. It’s an honest reason to dust the cobwebs of the files that are laying around and not doing their justifiable share for years.