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Buying vs. Renting Your Next Trade Show Exhibit


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Are you brooding about purchasing a display, but unsure about the investment? Renting could also be the simplest option. Good justifications are often made for both renting and buying a fair exhibit. This sometimes stressful decision depends on the character of your fair program, marketing goals, and budget. 

Renting are often a wise decision when your company has decided to start out exhibiting at trade shows, your company is new and needs to form an initial big splash with a smaller budget, or your fair schedule has overlapping shows and you would like a second display. When first developing a fair program to drive, supplement, or diversify your marketing mix, it are often difficult to work out the simplest exhibit for your needs. Making an outsized financial commitment on an exhibit under these circumstances are often a frightening task. Analyzing your company's needs and selecting the proper booth is integral to a successful fair . It are often an honest idea to rent instead of purchase a display even after you've got done your research and selected the simplest exhibit to suit your needs. This offers you a chance to "test drive" your exhibit. This renting strategy also can be used anytime you would like to get a replacement exhibit, albeit you've got a fair program already established.

Trade shows are huge undertakings, and when launching a start-up company with new products, trade shows are nearly always within the marketing mix. Yet an exhibit, as integral because it is to a fair , is one among the last things a marketing manager is brooding about when trying to launch a replacement company's concept, service, or product at an industry fair . All the tasks that enter a show exhibit - transportation, drayage, installation and dismantling - are often major headaches once you have leads and clients to cater to, to not mention promotional materials and merchandise samples. Renting often relieves this burden since most display rental companies handle the installation and dismantling, shipping and drayage of the rental display, which frees up some time to handle more important things.

Renting a booth could also be an excellent idea when purchasing an exhibit isn't an option. This greatly reduces the initial expenditure and allows you to take care of the visual presence necessary to get leads at a show.

If you simply attend one show per annum , it's going to be more beneficial to rent a display and buy graphics, however if your organization features a more rigorous convention schedule, it'll be more economical to get an exhibit. Typically, after about four shows the rental booth costs would have covered the acquisition of a replacement exhibit.

The best of both rental and buy worlds is when the rental display company offers a rebate plan almost like OneSource Exhibits' Rental Rebate Program, which allows one hundred pc of the rent to be applied toward the acquisition price of an identical display if purchased within 90 days of the rental. this provides your company the pliability to work out which sort of display will work best for your fair program before buying the exhibit. Call a OneSource Exhibits Consultant today at 800-767-8225 to find out more about our big variety of rental displays.