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Business Names Do Matter, Norm Brodsky


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In the November 2005 issue of Inc. magazine, Norm Brodsky wrote: "Your company's name plays little, if any, role in determining your success." 

I agree completely that a corporation with a nasty or mediocre name can reach success. However, here are 10 reasons why arising with a quick , interesting and memorable name is well worth the business owner's or organization's time and energy. 

1. once you call or speak with strangers and mention the name of your company, and therefore the name in and of itself provokes delighted recognition, this will get the account off on a positive footing. 

2. a particular name can attract the type of consumers you would like and prevent those you do not want. as an example , if you cannot stand handling those that haven't any sense of humor, a punny name repels such folks. Au contraire, if you would like people to understand you're serious and weighty, a shrewdly chosen traditional name can impress people accordingly. 

3. Cool company names can in and of themselves generate media coverage, either because there's something newsworthy within the name or because many journalists are more interested in highlight companies with fun names than boring ones. Case in point: Rent-a-Wreck. 

4. a particular name increases repeat business because it helps previous customers commit it to memory when watching an inventory of possibles within the telephone book or elsewhere. as an example , husband would leap out of an inventory of competitors like A-1 Handyman, Acme Home Repair, etc. 

5. A wisely chosen name is straightforward to spell and results in one and just one possible URL. this permits more people that have heard a few company to seek out it online. 

6. A well-chosen name can embody the #1 benefit you offer customers and make it possible to urge across an appealing marketing message in less space. 

7. A hastily chosen name can cause legal troubles or bad PR, both adding needless expenses and needlessly alienating customers. Just ask my friend Andy, who had to vary his business name not once but twice in three months because he hadn't done his homework on the name. And just ask the shoe company within the UK that named some new sneakers "Zyklon," which was the name of the gas the Nazis wont to kill millions during war Two. 

8. If customers got to find you within the telephone book , a reputation that's near the start of the alphabet makes it easier for them and should make it less crucial to possess an enormous , expensive display ad. 

9. an uneventful name contains no sparks for getting started on persuasive descriptions of your company's products or services, while an ingenious name makes it easy to riff off it with inspired marketing copy. 

10. The name affects how people that work for the business feel about it. a corporation name they like to say which customers answer positively makes for a more pleasant working environment than does a reputation that's confusing, hard to pronounce or has some negative connotations.