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Brand Management - Beyond Marketing


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In the past, the management of an organization's brand has usually been the only domain of the organization's marketing team. However, with the evolution of the web and people's need for fast information, there's a greater involve PR professionals to become more directly involved an organization's brand management. 

The Dictionary of Business and Management defines brand as: a reputation , sign or symbol wont to identify items or services of the seller(s) and to differentiate them from goods of competitors.

But consistent with Colin Bates, a brand management specialist from, brand means far more than that. "More accurately," he says, "brand may be a collection of perceptions within the mind of the buyer ." 

Essentially, brand is quite simply a company logo; it's anything people can associate a corporation with, whether it's a paid advertisement or a piece of writing found during a newspaper. this is often where brand management becomes important and PR professionals must be vigilant. 

It is not enough for PR professionals to easily communicate news to the media; they need to somehow communicate the persona of their organization. 

For example, Google, the corporate that runs the best-known and most-used program on the online , features a very distinctive brand. Most Internet users could visually identify its logo. However, Google's branding efforts don't stop there. 

The company has worked hard to combat Internet users' doubts about the standard of Web search results. Most of the most stream search engines sell advertising so as to form money and lots of people have accused these companies of skewing search results for money - giving certain internet sites a better ranking in exchange for purchasing paid advertising. 

However, Google is well-known for the clear division it places between its search results and its advertising business. The visual separation on Google's internet site is an example: search results are prevalent on the left and occupy at the very least 90 per cent of the page, while advertising occupies little or no space and isn't intrusive to the user. most significantly , the search results are generated from the intelligence of Google's product and aren't influenced by purchasing advertising. 

Google makes this very clear each and each time it speaks to the media. When a spokesperson does an interview or the corporate issues a handout regarding its program , it's quick to means the division. In fact, it says it's a part of its corporate philosophy - hence, it's become a part of its brand. Google is understood for its technical innovation and therefore the quality of its search results, and not as a corporation that's just curious about money. 

Furthermore, to make sure the organization's branding is being effectively communicated to the media, it also must be properly managed. 

If the brand or persona of the organization isn't being properly communicated, problems are often identified through analysis of the media coverage and therefore the necessary adjustments are often made by the PR team to urge the right message out. 

By tracking key messages, taglines, or buzzwords within the media coverage, the general public relations team can measure how well its organization is communicating. It might be there are stop words the PR team wants to avoid using to stop confusion and miscommunication. These can also be measured. 

Media coverage also can be measured against other performance indicators like sales and stock prices. this might be an honest indicator to live how well a brand is being perceived within the media and with an organization's key publics. 

To most companies, brand is simply as important because the products they create and services they supply , and it must be properly managed. PR professionals have a key role to play in shaping and maintaining an organization's brand - this responsibility can't be left solely to the organization's marketing team. Not only is that the PR team liable for communicating the brand, but it also must be vigilant through media analysis.