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Birkenstocks & The Customizable Art Of Footwear


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Birkenstocks are a German brand of quality footwear, which is best known for it’s contoured footbed. When most of the people purchase a replacement pair of shoes, they expect to possess a ‘break-in’ time. This usually lasts for a couple of days and, at that point , the shoe is pretty comfortable and broken for everyday wear. the most difference with Birkenstocks is that they approach the ‘break-in’ time much differently. When a pair of Birkenstocks are first purchased, they're more stiff than commercial brand news. After several weeks of wear and tear , the shoe literally molds to the wearer’s foot. This creates an actual customized shoe that's designed round the wearer. consider your foot as being a candy mold and Birkenstocks because the candy. The Birkenstocks will mold to each detail of your foot to make a particular design, which can fit perfectly everyday.

As is that the case with any company, Birkenstocks weren’t always also referred to as they're today. In 1897, a person by the name of Konrad Birkenstock developed a theory that might change the planet of footwear forever. He believed that if the form of a shoe were to reflect the precise shape of the foot, improved comfort would be inevitable. Soon after, he designed the primary shoe to feature a contoured insole to be utilized in custom footwear.

Nearly 70 years later while on a visit to Germany, Margot Fraser grew uninterested in walking and sought relief from her uncomfortable shoes. While at the spa, someone suggested that she try Birkenstocks. additionally to finding immediate comfort, several months after returning home to California, she found that her chronic foot pain had finally ended after years of suffering. Convinced it had been the Birkenstocks that relieved her pain, she began importing the German-made footwear into America. This began the Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc. franchise in California. In 2006, after 40 years of success, Birkenstock celebrates a milestone anniversary after four decades of success in America.

The Birkenstocks footwear line includes footwear for men, women and youngsters . a top quality collection of sandals, clogs and other shoes are readily available from the Birkenstocks line. additionally , socks and insoles are available as separate purchases for anyone who wants to experience truth Birkenstocks comfort. With quite 100 employees, 1,800 retail accounts and years of success behind them, Birkenstock USA is poised to continue providing custom footwear for years to return .