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Article Database - When A Good Thing Is Copied

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Article Database is that the name of my article directory and that i think the name I even have chosen for it says it all.

I may be wrong in feeling the necessity to write down this text . it's possible the names almost like that of my website were developed first or completely without having seen mine; however, i'm correct i think that I even have good reason to write down this text .

Have you ever seen how people copycat the success of others? this is often a really common practice on the web . A case in point could also be my article directory Article Database.

I started my article directory Article Database at in mid to late January of 2006 and by late March received a Google PR rank of three for and PR4 for I even have since done searches and that i can easily find my site when searching Google for article-database. However, to seek out Article Database seems to be a touch harder . 

It appears to me that when people want to extend their SEO they are going trying to find website names that have already received a PR from Google then attempt to maximize that websites success. i'm not positive about this but I do believe that came after because it is additionally copyrighted with 2006. they'll have more articles than I do. Did they really get these solicited and published to the location directly by the authors? i'm not saying that they didn't but they'll have added the articles themselves. that would explain why as of Flag Day , 2006 they are doing not show a Google PR of their own.

Such is additionally the case with i'm unsure once they launched and perhaps they were before me but i'm wondering why they need no Google PR? the sole difference within the URL of their site and mine is that they used the word articles instead of article.

I attribute my PR ranking to several things. the primary of those is that I ran a publicity release employing a popular publicity release software. Secondly I found some authors and contacted them and began receiving authors contributing on to my site. After this there have been several articles on the location , so I submitted the rss feeds of the categories with the foremost articles to a number of the foremost popular rss feeds like MyYahoo, Newsgator, Google, and lots of others. I then created a WordPress blog about writing and article marketing, and submitted it to many blog directories and rss feed directories. Then I started making posts to the blog on a semi-regular basis. The authors who contribute to Article Database also are notified when new articles are posted. additionally i exploit an equivalent software to send a newsletter to everyone who has signed up as an author or user of my system. I also posted a piece of writing to many article directories that I titled Article Directories - Ten Great Reasons To Submit Articles To Them.

Am I complaining about other article directories having an equivalent name as mine? i do not believe that i'm complaining; rather i'm just remarking the strange incontrovertible fact that when someone sees something working that they often attempt to copy it, which is quite true on the web . Often an internet site name or URL is formed to be similar so as to urge some sort of program advantage or the advantages of potential misspellings of the first website.

I believe that in my very own way, i'm saying that if these and other websites saw the Google PR of my blog and decided to call their article directory after mine, I take it because the sincerest sort of flattery. i'm sure that some one in cyberland will grab up other domains based round the terms article database. i'm glad that i'm one among the primary .