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An Unusual & Insanely Profitable Type Of Joint Venture


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Joint-Venturing doesn't endways asking a Guru to endorse your stuff. But that is what the bulk of individuals within the Internet marketing world specialise in .

Here's an unusual & insanely profitable quite JV:

Co-author with a Guru.

Yes, you better know what your stuff. And no – it’s not for you if you aren’t damn serious. Because it takes tons of labor & brings during a lot of money . Not for the easy-goers.

But why would the guru want to try to to this?

Because it saves them time & gets them easy bucks!

Every guru has a minimum of a dozen product ideas that they doesn't have time for. If you offer

to do all the work & still give them 60% or more - there is no way they go to miss it!

You can also make a product specifically FOR one guru's audience. But that's another story.

Here's a tip: Ask the guru for an unfinished product.

Many gurus start a product except for some reason it's ignored half-way down. they need that product to ascertain the sunshine of the day but they do not have time for it or even they've just moved on.

But if you offer to finish that product, they're going to love you for it!

Take all the work on yourself. From finishing the merchandise to writing the sales copy & auto-responder messages. Save them the headache, their time, energy & money - & they'll be happy to co-author with you.

What’s in it for you? (as if you would like to ask!)

Because only one product can launch you to stardom. When people see you co-authored an ebook with a successful guru - you get instant credibility. And in fact the cash comes rolling in faster than you'll count - because the guru obviously features a loyal following.

And then people are going to be contacting YOU for joint-ventures! The credibility, the money, the contacts - it's all worthwhile .

There are many samples of people that launched their online this manner . From Tellman Knudson to Patric Chan & more. Here are 3 case-studies:

- Jim Edwards.

I can't say if he launched his online career this manner . But this guy has authored a minimum of half a dozen books with the highest guns during this industry.

The one that gave him the primary real boost was "How to write down an ebook in 7 days or less” that he co-authored with Joe Vitale.

The story is - Jim Edwards asked Joe Vitale to offer him unspecified document of him that he could become an ebook. After constant request - Joe gave him a book he authored way back - on the way to write a book during a record time.

Jim edited it a touch & then turned it into "How to write down an ebook in 7 days or less". It became a moment trade book & gave Jim his first shot of fame.

Since then - Jim has co-authored with more Gurus than I can count. And today he's an enormous Guru himself! Smart, eh?

- Larry Dotson

His story is so simple - it would be hard to believe.

Larry wrote a swipe file of hypnotic words & phrases. Then he wrote to Joe Vitale that since 'hypnotic' is his brand - Joe can review it & if he wants - add some hypnotic phrases himself & they'll co-author it.

Joe agreed & yes 'hypnotic swipe file' sold like hell . Today Larry got 4-6 other hypnotic ebooks co-authored with Joe.

Nitro marketing that multi-million-dollar IM company promotes 90% of Joe Vitale's products including those he co-authored with Larry.

So Larry's being promoted by nitro-marketing & he’ll keep getting royalty from them for many years to return .

Last year - Joe said he hasn't seen, met or maybe heard Larry’s voice! I doubt if they've even met now - yet the story & success is astonishing.

- Tellman Knudson.

Tellman is an NLP expert. i do not skills he got his start online but his first few products where - 'Think like' series.

He did it Chip Traver, Shawn Casey, Joe Vitale & probably others. The one that got famous was ‘Think like Joe Vitale'.

Another product he did was 'Nitro Mindset' with the nitro marketing guys. Then he started "List Crusade" where he interviewed (& still does) gurus hebdomadally .

These are all different sorts of JVs. Not the standard milking-the-big-guru please-endorse-me sort of ones. i can not say if this manner is harder or easier but one thing is needless to say - they 10x more profitable.

Enjoy the success by co-authoring with the large gurus!