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Advantages of Fax Broadcasting


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Fax broadcasting has several benefits. And with an increasing amount of providers appearing within the industry including new breakthroughs within the technology used - more and more businesses are using the fax to speak their marketing message

Some of the main plus points about fax broadcasting are – 

Potentially Huge Savings for Your Business

Once a corporation out-sources fax distribution, it can save lot of revenue as now it doesn’t got to waste money in buying paper or stationary to print or envelopes to deal with , or boxes to hold to the post office (the bare minimum pre-requisites for traditional mails). 

The business also can do away with the labor traditionally needed for a mass mailing. 

The business doesn’t got to invest huge sums in buying top quality fax machines; instead they will expire the work to broadcasters who own such high value machines.

With a severe competition amongst fax broadcasting/blasting vendors, companies can sometimes get send fax for a fee as low as 20 cents per fax. and maybe much, much lower if you shop around .

Improved Fax Quality

As most of the fax machines are capable of receiving and printing readable faxes at 200 dpi, the standard of the fax transmission is essentially determined by the sending machine. The vendors who provide services during this area can easily afford such expensive high resolution machines. Thus your fax blast comes through to the receiver in good quality.

The vendors specializing in broadcasting and blasting can help the companies to broadcast the documents any time of the day (or night). they will even be scheduled days, weeks, or months beforehand .

There are vendors who can personalize the documents for every transmission by merging a vast number of fields of knowledge onto each document transmission as they fax it out. Thus your messages are often personalized.

Immediate Sales Increase 

Fax broadcasting gets results because the message gets noticed instantly, especially if it's broadcasted at the proper time of the day when people are most receptive. Schedules are often maintained to broadcast it at the proper moment.

Most of the vendors maintain mailing lists of individuals who are associated with a specific business and seeking information from these fax broadcasters helps you in targeting the proper audience.

A List Of The Document Types which will be broadcasted:

- Press releases and newsletters

- Product and pricing Updates

- Trade Shows and Event Reminders

- Special Promotions

- Invitations

- Daily tariffs and Rate Sheets

- marketing 

- Investor Relations Information 

- Communication with customer base 

- Offsite Emergency Communication 

- Inventory information 

- Account status 

- Interoffice bulletins 

- Delivery forms

Reliable Delivery

One can easily track the delivery of every fax online and may realize those that bounced back or weren’t delivered.

A customized confirmation are often sent back to the organization about each fax which was successfully delivered and also the rationale why certain faxes weren't ready to reach their destination.

Vendors normally retry each fax up to three times if the recipient number was busy.

The turnaround response is sort of less and this protects tons of valuable effort and time.

Archive logs are often maintained to record every incoming and outgoing fax.

Fax blasting/broadcasting is a superb method for marketing your business. There are many advantages in terms of cost and time savings. the simplest part is that it's very easy to undertake and assess for your business.