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A Look at Make-Up Infomercials

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Using a sort of female celebrities, infomercial producers have once more created an enormous market where none existed. That’s to not say that structure products didn’t exist. They did. and that they were a multibillion dollar industry long before anybody ever thought of infomercials. 

Starting within the early twentieth century with the arrival of flicks and their subsequent side affect – beautiful stars! – structure companies are designing products to form average looking women look better. Or a minimum of think they appear better. structure has been a staple of upscale department shops and high priced boutiques right from the very beginning of the retail business. Even within the youth , structure products had their own departments. Salesgirls were hired who exhibited a youthful, sparkling appearance. they might grab women by the hand, lead them to the sales counter, apply a touch of this, a dab of that and a puff of something else for free of charge then make the sale. Early products were marketed within the usual manner – for his or her value in improving your appearance and their price. 

The first structure celebrities within the pre-infomercial era weren't the celebs that ladies were trying to emulate but the heads of the Hollywood structure departments who made the celebs look so glamorous. then the likes of Max Factor, structure master to countless female celebrities (and men too, by the way) and therefore the most successful line of structure products were born. afterward the celebrities themselves, sensing an enormous cash return for the utilization of their face, put themselves on various lines of structure products available in stores. When their looks faded, when their careers stopped humming along, the structure products disappeared also . 

And then came infomercials. All of a sudden there was how to urge women curious about buying structure products over their TV sets and was it ever successful! Sensing right from the outset that the products had to be celebrity driven, producers came up with how to plug their products to women everywhere the planet via the television receiver . Faded and fading stars from the music business, movie business and television business jumped on the bandwagon to sell structure and other beauty supplies to American women by the truckload. Here’s the hook that they used: the structure infomercial and therefore the products weren't completely celebrity driven. The celebrity was merely there to endorse the products supposedly used on her over the years to stay her looking younger and more beautiful. But the merchandise itself was created by, bore the name of and was demonstrated by the structure artist who had labored for years applying structure to countless beautiful celebrities. The structure artist wasn't a beauty herself but a “regular” woman who merely worked on celebrities. Hence, the housewife watching in Des Moines , or Chicago or anywhere wasn't made to feel ugly or but glamorous. 

In fact the celebrity was usually somewhat demeaned on structure infomercials as they might often appear on the show with none structure on. you'd be channel surfing and an in depth up shot of a star you recognize would seem on the screen and you’d stop, you’d notice she didn’t look so good. You’d wonder what happened and you’d start watching the infomercial. And you’d hear her talking endlessly about how her appearance, her look, her beauty was predominately the successful work of the artist and her line of wonderful products while the artist was applying structure to her face and reworking her right before your very eyes. 

And furthermore, YOU!, Miss American Average Woman, could have these same products that celebrities are using for years to form movie magic happen, the key stuff known only to Hollywood insiders, delivered right to your door during a few days for the low, low price of…well you get the thought . What a concept! Don’t get the gorgeous celebrity, with the face of an angel, to sell the merchandise . Have the typical looking structure artist sell the merchandise while the gorgeous celebrity is transformed from average looking to gorgeous right before your eyes! And in fact , the celebrity was an equal or maybe majority partner within the profits from the road , learning millions along the way for a days work, sitting during a comfortable chair, in air conditioned splendor, having structure applied to their faces. because the man said – Only in America!