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One of the simplest ways to extend sales is thru networking and one among the simplest ways to network is to network easily. What I mean by this is often to try to to things that come naturally to you. 

Some of the ideas which will be helpful for networking are:

1. Join groups that you simply would have an interest in joining. for instance , if you wish to run, join a running group; if you wish to play bridge, join a bridge group; if you'd wish to attend church, become a member of a congregation. Joining a gaggle only for the sake of networking, generally doesn’t work.

2. Volunteer to talk at events. you'll start by chatting with small groups then in time you'll become more selective and speak to larger groups. Toastmasters is a superb group to hitch to enhance your speaking ability also as another networking opportunity.

3. Write articles. there's something that creates someone appear to be an expert once they write a piece of writing on a selected topic. Articles are easy to write down if you're hooked in to what you're writing about. There also are many publications that are hungry for material. Again, you'll need to start small with local publications and workout to other publications. nobody wants to publish you? Use a number of the free online services like or do a blog (which are often an excellent networking tool on its own).

4. Keep a Rolodex (I use Outlook) and keep it organized. Ideally include not only names and address but also a couple of points of interest about the person or their business.

5. confine touch with people. the simplest thanks to do that is to understand what interests the people have then send them personalized emails or notes with articles of interest attached. do that with no intention of them buying but the more they know you, the more they're going to tend to shop for .

6. Become an expert: Becoming an expert in any field is straightforward to try to to . First pick a subject that you simply are hooked in to then spend an hour each day reading trade journals; getting to trade shows; and learning that topic. Within six to eight weeks, you'll be on the brink of an expert therein field and other people will address you for solutions.

7. Be generous: People tend to link happy occasions with gifts. Be prolific with gifts; for instance , baby gifts – you'll find that folks are very grateful that you simply remembered their special day .

8. Follow-through: If you're trying to sell a product to a customer, confirm that you simply follow up with them so you'll make the sale. repeatedly people will provide the knowledge on the merchandise and can tell the customer that they're going to revisit to them, but don’t, therefore the sale falls through.

9. If you're getting to be out there, work the room: What I mean by this is often why attend a function and sit only with the folks that you already know. No got to sit within the corner once you can mingle with new people and obtain to understand them. This skill doesn't come naturally to introverted people; however, it's something which will be easily learned by stepping out of your temperature .

People tend to shop for from people they know. Become more known and sell more. this is often a method smaller companies and beat larger companies any day.