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9 Secret Ways To Get Valuable Feedback From Your Customers


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You can learn many belongings you didn't realize your business by getting valuable feedback from your customers. Your customers may buy your main product just to urge the free gifts. Your visitors might imagine it's to hard to navigate through your internet site .

By knowing this sort of important information you'll improve your internet site , products/services, advertising, and marketing. Below are nine techniques you'll use to urge valuable feedback from your customers.

-Use surveys and questionnaires regularly to enhance your business. Publish them on your internet site , e-zine, print newsletter, spam material, include them with product shipments or inside product packages. Post them on appropriate online message boards, e-mail discussion lists and newsgroups on the web .

-Create a web community for your customers. Include a talk room, message board, e-mail discussion list on your site for patrons to participate in. you'll regularly moderator these communities to ascertain what your customers are saying about your business.

-Give away your products to a gaggle of your customers. Ask them to use and review the merchandise . Ask them to fill out an evaluation form and send it back. Some customers may fill them out, some might not , but the feedback you are doing get are going to be valuable.

-Offer your internet site visitors a web product or service from your internet site at no cost. It might be an ebook, program submission, consulting via e-mail, web design, etc. In return, ask them to fill out a brief survey about your internet site , products or services you're selling, customer service, or your internet site .

-Create a customer focus group. Invite ten to twenty of your most loyal customers to satisfy regularly. they're going to offer you ideas and input on the way to improve your customer service. you'll pay them, take them bent dinner or give them free products.

-Stay in touch with customers on a daily basis. Offer them a free e-zine subscription. Ask customers if they need to be updated by e-mail once you make changes to your internet site . After every sale, follow-up with the customer to ascertain if they're satisfied with their purchase.


-Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Offer as many contact methods as possible. Allow customers to contact you by e-mail. Hyperlink your e-mail address so customers won't need to type it. Offer toll free numbers for phone and fax contacts. this may make it easy for your customers to voice their opinions.

-You could regularly contact customers on birthdays or holidays. Send many thanks gifts to lifetime customers. E-mail them online greeting cards on holidays or birthdays. Call them personally to wish them a cheerful holiday. You couldthem follow-up with a survey or ask them if they're proud of your business.

-Invite your customers to company meetings, luncheons, workshops or seminars. Create special events for your customers like parties, barbecue's, dances etc. Make some extent for yourself and your employees to interact with them at these event to urge valuable feedback for your business.

You could use a few or all of the techniques listed above to urge valuable customer feedback. These aren't the sole ways, be creative and are available up with a number of your own.