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9 Packaging Trends That Will "Connect" You With Consumers


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Today’s consumer may be a moving target. Choosing the proper consumer and therefore the right demographic to focus on is a crucial decision. Monitoring what's hot and what’s not can dramatically influence a package design’s success or failure. Package design is an integral thanks to connect together with your customer. But does one clearly understand the requirements and needs of those elusive markets?

Understand the customer is critical. the matter today is that one package might not satisfy the requirements and requirements of all buyers.

There are many niche markets out there and every one requires specialized packaging. So if you're targeting one among those, do your research first. What works for one target market might not work for an additional . So....

1) determine what package attributes appeal to the customer you're targeting. If it's a harried homemaker buying your product then convenience of use had better be at the highest of the list. Those over 50 are seeking convenience too but issues just like the size of print on the package and simple use top their priority list. confirm your package employs the characteristics that appeal to your target market.

2) Understand how the package are going to be used. Families not sit and eat a meal with everyone at an equivalent time. There are special diet requirements or dieting generally in most households. It’s not uncommon to serve different meals to different individuals. Package sizes will vary accordingly. EX: people that travel tons buy sample or trial size packages because they're small and straightforward to affect 

3) Know your customers current buying trends. Several years ago, we went through the supersized phase. There are still tons of supersized packages; however, buying trends are changing to smaller sizes generally . To package smaller doesn't mean less profit, in many cases it means more. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for convenience, simple use and a smaller quantity. Remember the three premium baking potatoes during a package cost almost the worth of a 5 lb bag. If you reside with only one other person, does one actually need 5 lbs of potatoes?

4) keep up of latest packaging technologies. Creative, new products have the advantage within the marketing world albeit their technology isn't new. Several years ago, Metedent took the planet by storm with the duel aperture dispensing mechanism. Recently hosts of latest cleaning products have revived interest during this sort of dispensing. search for innovate ways to mix two products into one package.

5) Watch where people shop. there's a shift from traditional retailers to new and innovative store formats. The shop , once considered a low-end marketer, has now transitioned into store that gives premium products at a premium price. This evolved from the hurry up and go mindset demonstrated in today's shopping habits. Recent studies are showing that buyers not make one big trip and refill but make several trips every week and obtain just what's needed at the instant at the foremost easily accessible retail outlet. EX: The grab and go cups of snack foods convenience stores are now offering. This category didn't exist a few of years ago.

6) keep step with "hot button" packaging issues. This includes legislation too. People do really care about the environment and therefore the amount of excess packaging. there's a move afoot to expand the amount of vegetable-based plastic materials utilized in food packaging. If packaging consumers give these products their endorsement, search for other new products to surface. Legislation can change packaging mandates overnight. There are "bottle bills," surcharges and bans that prohibit the utilization of certain packages. EX: Several nutriment companies are test marketing corn-based plastic packaging materials. Ex: Ban on juice boxes in Maine and aerosol cans in Chicago.

7) Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. this may still inherit focus as more people become concerned about product integrity. One major security scare could force everyone to vary their packaging methods immediately. search for new tamper evident and security devices which will be incorporated into your packaging. Cost efficiencies are now making many of those devices cheaper and can soon become mainstream.

8) Competition of varied packaging materials is increasing. From the imports that are readily available to the merger and acquisition mania that's happening , keep current on your chain of supply globalization. Certain products like plastic bags that wont to be the mainstay of yank manufacturing have now gone offshore. Ethic diversity both her and abroad is demanding that each one packaging be multi-lingual and other people really don’t care where the merchandise packaging is manufactured.

9) External influence of power players. the large box retailers are driving packaging procedures and policies at retail. Mandates from these companies like RFID tracking are in their infancy. this sort of requirement could become mandatory overnight. If you would like to try to to business with companies like Home Depot and Wal-Mart, you'll got to include the planning and selection of your packaging materials as per their demands et al. will imitate .

Remember, the customer depends upon you, the designer, as a resource. They expect you to stay up with packaging trends and technologies and supply the newest and greatest innovations the industry has got to offer. If you can't connect with the buyer through package design, don't expect your products to fly off the shelf.