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8 Tips to be Successful with your own JV offer


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Most likely you've got already heard people getting all excited about JV's and the way they will assist you build your online business.

Or maybe you belong thereto group of individuals who aren't conversant in JV offers, which is brief for venture offers... also referred to as business proposals.

Either way... you'll benefit tremendously from the subsequent 8 tips to achieve success together with your own JV offer. Let's start ...

1. A JV offer doesn't require a JV partner to shop for your products or services to become a JV partner.

Asking you potential JV partner to shop for the merchandise or service would be considered a sales offer and not a JV offer. A JV partner is typically offered a free book of your product or service.

Doing that drastically increases your chances to realize a JV partner as this makes him or her feel obligated to return the favor by doing his a part of the partnership and e.g. promoting your product or service to their lists.

Why am I mentioning this? Yes, you guessed it right... I had people contact me to try to to a JV with them and once I asked for a book to see first the worth of the merchandise ... i used to be mentioned their sales page!

2. A JV offer has got to be a win/win or better a WIN/win. :)

A JV offer has got to provide your JV partner with one or more additional benefits for becoming your partner... his WIN. Your win will e.g. be to be ready to tab into your JV artners list and gaining extra sales.

A JV offer that gives a win/win could e.g. be:

"I am trying to find JV partners which will promote my product or service to their list of contacts.

In return for you're recommending my product or service to your list, i will be able to not only provide you with a free book of my product or service, but also pay you a tenth higher commission than regular affiliates."

Another example... a JV offer for a service you provide could e.g. offer this:

"I am trying to find a JV partner who needs alittle to medium sized software package developed in Visual Basic. I offers to try to to that for you freed from charge reciprocally of 10% of the profits you generate selling that software for the primary year starting at your first sale and 5% for the time after the primary year."

Again, a win-win situation... the JV partner features a product without out of pocket expense that he can sell exclusively to his lists, his WIN. And you'll earn royalties for live without your own list.

3. Don't make the initial JV proposals too lengthy. Especially once you propose to a well know marketer, this will be the JV kill. Those people often have very limited time and can not even read your message all the thanks to the top if it's pages long.

It is better to send a brief teaser email first then follow up once they reply with all details.

4. Make your potential JV partner desire you are a peer and not a salesman .

Do your research before you send your first email to a possible JV partner.

Make the design of your JV offer personal, mention details about their business and the way the JV offer can help them in what they need to realize .

5. Don't let your JV partner do all the work, participating within the JV should very as little work as possible for them.

Be prepared and offer them to supply marketing material for your JV partner. this will be solo-ad copy, banner and text ads and other materials your JV partner can use to share the word about your product or service.

The less work it's for them, the more likely they're going to become your JV partner. it's that straightforward .

6. Don't just go just for the large player.

Overlooking smaller publishers that have a really loyal and responsive list are often another mistake. Besides, those are going to be far more likely curious about your JV offer as they're not flooded with them (yet).

7. Show them how you'll help their clients and customers.

Give an example how your product or service compliments your potential JV partners own products or services. this manner you help them to supply a good better service to their clients and customers.

This will also build trust that doing a JV with you'll not only earn you and them money, but show that you simply have an interest in helping them to seem good ahead of their own clients and customers.

8. Test your web copy and conversion rates and supply details.

By letting them know your conversion rate, they're going to know that sending traffic to your isn't a bottomless pit. they're going to estimate what proportion they will be ready to earn by doing a JV with you.

If you recognize e.g. that you simply will generate 1 sale out of each 70 targeted visitors your sales page gets, then allow them to know that you simply have a 1.4% conversion rate on targeted visitors.

Knowing all of the above, your next question could be ... where do I find JV partners to contact?

Here may be a list of resources in alphabetical order which will assist you getting started:

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- JV-Network: Free membership site to become a JV partner of top marketing experts or to post your own JV offers for a fee:

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- jvAlert Member Forums:

- JV Money Makers Forum:

- Mark Hendricks's clique Marketing Forum: Free section to post and find JV offers:

- Mark Hendricks's JVdealmaker Players Club Forum: Free section to post and find JV offers

- Michael Green's "How To" Internet Marketing Forum:

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- The Warrior Forum: Free section to post and find JV offers (Note: Before posting, first post helpful feedback in other sections of the forum)

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