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7 Strategies & Benefits Of Using Online Coupons


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1. Increased Traffic - Introduce your business to new customers and send a reminder to your existing customers, driving traffic back to your store, office or internet site . Give your customers and prospects a reason to settle on your business over the competition by offering exclusive coupons and discounts.

2. a bigger Email Marketing list - Make your customers or visitors sign-up for your email newsletter before they're ready to receive your coupons. That way you will have a chance to follow copy with them to resell.

3. Increased Sales and Repeat Sales - Remember, when customers visit your store, office or site to redeem a coupon, they're going to very likely buy quite just the item promoted thereon. Same goes for a reduction . Both new, and existing customers could also be motivated to undertake a replacement product or service they might not have considered otherwise.

4. Viral Marketing - cash in of word-of- mouth referrals by encouraging your customers to forward your coupons to interested friends or relations . it's the oldest and least expensive sort of advertising.

5. Increased Customer Loyalty - Develop relationships together with your customers by offering them added value, letting them skills much you appreciate their business. Keep their minds on you, and they'll ditch the competition.

6. Affordability - Save your marketing dollars. Online coupons are far less costly than traditional coupon advertising because they require no production expense or mailing costs.

7. Targeting - Reach the proper customers. Companies like Loyal Email target precisely where your customers live, where they wish to shop, and what they wish to buy, making your coupons highly relevant and, accordingly, simpler .

8. the higher Your Coupon, the higher Your Response- Use online coupons to supply savings of cash (a dollar amount or a percentage off), time (free pick- up/delivery or gift wrapping) or to market any aspect of your business. For example: a restaurant may offer a "buy one entrée and obtain the 2nd at half price." A landscaper may offer a "free crabgrass eater application" with a yearly contract, a movie rental store may offer a "2 for 1 midweek" rental, and a mercantile establishment or website may offer "$20.00 off any purchase of $100.00 or more."