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7 Marketing Ideas to Expand Your Customer Base and Profits


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Copyright 2006 Joel Sussman

How does one grab people's attention, arouse their interest, trigger their desire, and motivate them to require action? Answer that four-part question correctly and you have identified the key to achieving tremendous sales and marketing success in your chosen business or field. To complicate matters, however, the potential answers are as numerous and multi-faceted because the growing number of niche markets, products and services, and marketing trends in our culture. While not all inclusive, the subsequent list of priorities and little business marketing tips can help put your small business on a faster track to growth.

Marketing Tip #1: Gain Customer Confidence. Customer indecisiveness, skepticism, indifference, or confusion are among the highest sales killers within the business world. It's up to you to project a picture of experience, quality, dependability, excellent customer service, and/or value to your prospective customers so as to win their confidence. If you haven't clearly communicated the benefits and solid reasons for them to try to to business with you, then they'll be hesitant to commit, and therefore the sale will attend your competitor.

Marketing Tip #2: Penetrate awareness of your audience by using some sort of integrated marketing. In other words, the more ways the general public hears about you, the higher your likelihood is that for achieving brand recognition, credibility, and greater market share. Effective marketing is partly the results of exposing your target group to your name and your selling points (unique selling proposition) as often as possible(frequency), in as some ways as possible, and as cost-effectively as possible.

Marketing Tip #3: Enthusiasm, in both print and face to face , is contagious (and I'm not talking about using multiple exclamation points after sentences!!! That detracts from your credibility.) If you deeply believe your products, services, your company, and yourself, then your prospects will devour thereon passionate attitude and feel confident and optimistic about doing business with you.

Marketing Tip #4: Purchasing is an emotional decision. Instill in your prospects good feelings about your company, your account with them, and the way you'll improve their lives or solve their problem. Accomplishing that's a minimum of as important within the sales process as focusing attention on product features and benefits.

Marketing Tip #5: Dispel distrust. Gain customer confidence and overcome potential feelings of distrust by offering written guarantees of satisfaction, customer testimonials, references, and by joining respected and well-known professional organizations, like the higher Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce, and industry associations.

Marketing Tip #6: Impose a deadline. Counteract one among the most important obstacles to closing a purchase known to mankind: procrastination. to beat the natural human tendency to deliberate, postpone, and delay, it's often necessary to inject a way of urgency into your ads, sales presentations, and marketing messages. Whether supplies are limited or prices are rising at the top of the month, some prospects got to have a deadline or an incentive to motivate them to require action now.

Marketing Tip #7: Create a business marketing decide to identify and maximize your strengths and opportunities. Your strategic plan should also take under consideration factors like your weaknesses (and possible remedies), external threats (competition, economic factors, etc.), your marketing mix strategy (products/services, promotional goals, pricing strategy, and distribution decisions), media strategy, sales and expense budgets, and target marketing research (know your customers).