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Use these powerful yet simple tips from the national best-seller, "Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You" - the primary guide to non-public marketing for non-marketers. 

 Create and grant an annual award.

 Send hand written congratulations and many thanks notes.

 Send greeting cards for a few occasion aside from Christmas.

 Send postcards once you travel and even once you are reception .

 provides a Bible to special clients. Always sign it with a positive message.

 Build relationships with the media before you would like them.

 accompany winners - attend awards functions.

 Build and maintain a database of clients, prospects, and key influencers.

 Earn certifications and win awards from your associations - and tell everyone.

 Ask happy customers to write down testimonial letters for you.

 Recruit your suppliers as marketing agents. They work for free of charge .

 Join and move in your chamber of commerce.

 Write tips sheets for your customers.

 Write and send articles to magazines and newspapers.

 Send a news release to the media every three months.

 Do something crazy and newsworthy a minimum of once a year.

 Send photocopies of your news coverage to your clients.

 Build and maintain an informative and interesting internet site .

 Sponsor a cause, event, charity or community group.

 Volunteer for your association, charity or community group.