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10 Steps to Getting Paid for Your Marketing Materials


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How many times have you ever heard an equivalent sound bites begin of your mouth to your clients, prospects, and audiences, almost boring yourself to tears within the process? Imagine generating money directly from those sound bites, from those pearls of wisdom that effortlessly trip off your tongue. Yes, it's completely possible, and here’s the way to roll in the hay .

1. Capture those tidbits of data as soon as they are available to mind. Jot them down during a notebook or get them into a Word document. they will be during a raw format, with only enough information to jog your brooding about what you mean. there'll be time to refine them later. 

2. Let a few weeks pass , allowing most of the knowledge to surface in your thoughts. It rarely happens by declaring two hours on a Thursday afternoon to take a seat at your computer to consider it all.

3. Refine and organize the ideas . Divide them into categories and edit the text. Use an article style almost like what you're reading here.

4. make certain to incorporate your contact details so readers can easily reach you. Add a quick section about your background so people will know your qualifications for presenting the knowledge .

5. Hire a graphic designer to form the words look good on the page. Your completed product are going to be a tips booklet measuring about 3 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches when printed. The designer will create their a part of the finished product as a PDF file. 

6. Send the PDF file from your graphic designer to a printing concern . Do an initial press run of 1,000 copies.

7. believe who can enjoy using your booklet to market their own product, service, or cause. Send them a sample of your booklet and a canopy letter describing a number of the ways they will increase their sales or further their cause by using your booklet as a promotional tool.

8. Consider corporations, associations, publications, and the other group that seems appropriate for the subject of your booklet. Reach bent as many of them as you'll , on whatever budget of your time and money you've got available to you.

9. Realize that each time one among the large-quantity buyers sends out your booklet to market their own product, service, or cause, they're also marketing your business. Your contact information within the booklet allows the reader to succeed in you directly. 

10. Enjoy the expansion of your customer base and your bank account . you're now reaching a bigger audience than you're likely to try to to single-handedly, because of the large-quantity buyers of your booklet. And you've got been paid by your buyers to succeed in those new people.

Those sound bites you've got been saying for years are now reaching far beyond your current clients, helping your buyers, their clients, and your own business. It doesn’t get tons better than getting purchased your marketing materials.

© 2005, Paulette Ensign