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There is a word that the majority overweight people dislike, it's a word that turns people off and makes their mind switch to a different channel to avoid brooding about it.

Unfortunately it's a key part to weight reduction and something that when done correctly are often the explanation for your success.

The word is……………..


Now stick with me here, switch your mind back on to what i'm saying stay, during this same frame.

The reason most overweight people don't just like the ‘E’ word is because they need found out in their mind that in equals pain and like most of the people they're going to do anything to avoid pain. there's a far better way and you'll find the higher way once you begin to know that there are different ‘types’ of exercise (hey, don’t disappear – stick with me now)

At rock bottom level there are 2 sorts of exercise, these are;

· Aerobic


· Anaerobic

Aerobic exercise causes your heart and muscles to figure very hard, pumping blood round your body at a high rate to urge the oxygen to the muscles so as for them to stay working.

A side effect of this is often that it produces acid in your muscles, carboxylic acid to be precise. it's this carboxylic acid that causes you muscles to stiffen up after you've got finished, causing you pain. carboxylic acid also stays in your system for an extended time as your body finds it hard to interrupt it down. If your body cannot break the acid down it wraps it up and stores it as fat!

The main sort of aerobics that folks do on a daily basis is running, yes this helps build fitness but if you would like to scale back your weight you'll only consider building fitness once you get right down to a sufficient weight.

What you ought to consider to start out with is reducing your weight and zip else, fitness comes later.

This is where bodybuilding comes in.

Anaerobic exercise causes the guts to figure harder than normal which still pushes the blood and oxygen round the body but doesn't work the muscles as hard and thus doesn't create carboxylic acid .

Further more bodybuilding helps in releasing stored fat and acid and helps it into the waste system in order that the body can get obviate it. Remember you can't ‘burn’ off your weight. The phrase ‘burning off calories’ may be a myth!

The weight you get obviate has got to leave your body somehow and it's through your waste system that this happens.

So, what's the simplest sort of anaerobic exercise? I hear you ask

Well, because the title of this text suggests it's walking.

My suggestion to you is that you simply walk for 1 ½ hours a minimum of 3 times per week which should be weakened into the following;

· 15 minutes warm up walking at a pace slightly faster than your normal walking pace

· 60 minutes walking at a high pace that gets your heart pumping

· 15 minutes warm down walking at your normal walking pace.

If you can't manage that to start out with find your own level and begin there and slowly build up to the present level.

Remember the nice and cozy up and warm down though as this is often vital.

Enjoy your walking.

Yours truly,

Graham Nicholls