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If only we could solve this question, the planet (for many) would be a far better place! Well, the truth is that there are real answers to the present question which will apply to several people. it'll take an honest dose of reality and a brave heart to prevent denying what really happens. Read on to get some answers which will change your life forever and provides you the impetus to reduce and keep it off!


Being overweight are often used as an excuse for being unhappy, especially once you don't do anything to assist yourself. Subconsciously, over-eating may be a comfort for several people and this then allows them to cover behind their weight problem and helps them to justify rejection and avoid being hurt. they will then shift the blame of rejection on their weight-problem, without addressing other aspects of their fears. Sometimes it seems easier to cover behind your “weight problem”, than address other matters where you'll have a greater fear of failure.

Eating Without Thinking?

If you're concentrating on another activity while you're eating you're more likely to overeat because you're not fully conscious of how full you're feeling. This factor are often difficult to vary because it's not a conscious action. attempt to only eat once you don’t have tons of other distractions. Sit down, eat slowly and luxuriate in the food you're eating, and remember that it's not always necessary to travel back for seconds. It takes 20 minutes for food to succeed in your stomach and for your brain to register that you simply are full.


The famous “Pavlov’s dogs” were conditioned to erode the sound of a bell, and that we human are much an equivalent when it involves habitual cravings. If you wonder why you usually desire a chocolate once you sit right down to watch a movie, otherwise you need to have a box of popcorn….think again. you're not necessarily craving these foods because you're hungry, but rather consider force of habit. During the time once you have a craving, attempt to ask yourself whether you're really hungry or not. If you're hungry, reach for a coffee fat snack instead of a chocolate candy or bag of crisps.


Eating or brooding about food are often a distraction from your troubles and you'll therefore be unnecessarily over-eating. Emotions and hormones can trigger certain cravings, for instance , if you're feeling low, chocolate and carbohydrates assist the assembly of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin helps you are feeling happier. this is often why we'd crave sweet or starchy foods during times of sadness or stress.

If you identify with any of the above factors, you'll get on your way towards discovering what's triggering you to overeat.