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That's the question many of us ask when their weight loss plan isn't working.

Asking yourself 'Why can't I lose weight?' is really one among the simplest belongings you can do for yourself. It says you recognize that what you're currently doing isn't working for you. 

You're at the place where you're able to check out alternatives - try something different to urge a result you would like .

So why can't you lose weight? Here are 3 possible reasons you'll not be losing weight - and a few suggestions on what you'll do about it. 

#1) Medical Reasons 

Now this is often not an equivalent as saying you're genetically programmed to be overweight. that's hogwash. actually scientists estimate that albeit you are doing have a genetic propensity to realize weight, your genes only account for 15 - 25% of your current weight. So forget the genetics excuse. 

But there are medical reasons that some people can't reduce . Low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, insulin resistance and other medical conditions can make losing weight almost impossible.

That's why before starting any weight loss plan, you ought to ask your doctor first. Have a full workup and confirm that you simply do not have any health issues standing within the way of your weight loss. 

There's nothing more frustrating that trying to reduce , doing all the proper things and not losing an in. - all due to a medical condition. Get the medical condition cleared up first then address the load (in fact, the load may go down on it's own once you get the medical condition addressed).

#2) Emotional Eating 

I recently read a piece of writing where a nutritionist estimated that 75% of overeating was thanks to emotions. 75%! are you able to imagine what would happen if you learned to eliminate emotional eating and cut out all those calories? What a weight loss impact! the load would be slump .

Unfortunately, in today's world, emotional eating is on the increase . most of the people today are feeling the pressure of an increasingly hectic lifestyle. We hardly have time to tie our shoes, never mind affect our emotions. 

Because of this, our emotions get stuffed down and ignored until finally they explode and we're face-down during a bowl of Rocky-Road frozen dessert with extra chocolate syrup . 

Here's rock bottom line: you're human and you've got emotions. Your emotional needs are important and wish to be addressed properly amorously . you would like emotional nurturing and proper emotional care. 

If meaning you're taking a 5 minute break every few hours at work to regain your emotional balance, do it. If meaning you would like to unwind by doing a mall walk and shopping after work - don't let anything stop you. 

Learn to nurture your emotional health and you will nip emotional eating within the bud - and begin losing weight FAST.

#3) Mismatched Weight Loss Plan 

There are many various ways to reduce and dozens of weight loss programs to settle on from. Some plans emphasize a change in diet, others emphasize a change in exercise, others specialise in the inner reasons for overeating. 

Every person is different and can reduce in their own unique way. If what you're doing now isn't currently working, it's going to be an easy case of personality-plan mismatch. 

Maybe rather than a diet-focused weight loss plan, you'd feel better with a fitness-focused weight loss plan or a psychological weight loss plan. There are many plans to settle on from and you need to take some time and find one that matches your personality and lifestyle best. 

If you think that this is often the case, take a while to review different diet or weight loss plans. Find one that you simply can get excited about, one that creates sense to you which fits your belief system and personality. That's when you'll make real weight loss progress!

So those are 3 possible reasons for your weight loss plateau. you do not need to stay stuck during a weight loss rut. you do not need to keep asking yourself the frustrating question: Why Can't I Lose Weight?' Keep believing in yourself and in your dreams. Don't hand over and you'll get there!