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The abdominoplasty may be a sort of face lift also referred to as abdominoplasty. Its purpose is to vary the looks of the abdomen to a more desirable shape. Hence, the favored term, tummy tuck. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the mid and lower abdomen to make a smooth and flatter appearance. This normally includes/results during a tightening of the muscles of the wall . A abdominoplasty procedure is typically taken because the individual has been unable to realize desired results through normal diet and exercise. this might be common for people who have experienced sudden weight loss or are older, as in both cases a flat stomach can't be acquired through exercise and diet alone. especially , tummy tucks are popular amongst women who have had children but don't intend on bearing children within the future.

While there are various sorts of tummy tucks, they have a tendency to fall under two categories: partial abdominoplasty and complete abdominoplasty.

The former category consists of alittle incision made between the hips, just above the pubic area. this is often followed by the removal of excess skin between the incision and therefore the navel, and stitches.

The latter category consists of an incision made up of hep hip, just above the pubic area. Another incision is formed round the navel to free it. Skin from the wall is then detached to reveal the muscles to be tightened. The muscles themselves are then tightened with sutures. Extra skin is then removed, while the rest is reattached. Finally, all stitches are dressed, while any extra fluid from the world is drained.

An individual may experience bruising, some pain, and other discomforts within ten days after the procedure. Normally, a supportive abdominal binder is worn to contain the swelling and help support recovery of the muscles. The time needed for recovery from the procedure can take several weeks. As usual, smoking (before, as well), stringent dieting and any intense physical activity should be avoided. All three factors can affect the power of the body to recover. 

Before considering undergoing the procedure, individuals should be in relatively healthiness . this is applicable to both their psychological state also as their physical. Patients should have realistic expectations of the procedure. Again, it's neither considered an alternate to diet and/or exercise, nor should be undergone by women planning on bearing children within the future. As well, past scarring from abdominal surgery could also be sufficient cause against the procedure, since additional scarring may result .