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The South Beach Diet was developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston to assist his patients reduce and maintain a healthy diet for a lifetime. it's designed in phases, just like the Atkins Diet, with different eating recommendations in each phase. All phases have an equivalent underlying philosophy, though. Weight loss and maintenance depends on establishing a diet that avoids 'bad' fats and carbohydrates. 


The proponents of the South Beach diet claim that you simply can reduce and maintain the load loss without counting calories, weighing portions or depriving yourself of good-tasting, satisfying foods. this is often accomplished by ablation empty, high-carbohydrate foods like sugars, potatoes, rice and light bread . Each phase is specially designed to accomplish a specific goal. 


Phase I: Adjusting your Metabolism 

In Phase I, you eat three meals and two snacks daily, eating until you're not hungry. The phase lasts fortnight , during which era your body will shed 8-13 pounds. 


These items aren't allowed during Phase I: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, food , fruit, candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, sugar or alcohol 


Phase II: Weight Loss 

The aim during phase II clinical trial is to reduce , with loss averaging 1-2 pounds per week. During this phase, you'll gradually add the restricted foods from phase I clinical trial back to your diet, but you'll eat less of them. The daily diet on phase II clinical trial should consist of: 


All the protein you would like 

Minimum of 4 1/2 cups of vegetables 

Up to three servings of fruit 

Up to three portions of starch 

1 1/2 cups of milk/dairy (including yogurt) 

3 tbs. fat 


In real terms, a typical menu for a meal on the South Beach Diet might include something like this: 


½ grapefruit 

2 scrambled eggs mixed with Monterey Jack cheese and salsa 

1 slice of whole grain toast 

Decaffeinated coffee or tea, fat-free milk and sugar substitute if desired 


The eating plan recommended by the South Beach Diet emphasizes low carbohydrate foods, restriction of sweets, processed starches, white sugar and 'unhealthy fats', and every one the protein you would like . It specifies minimum amounts of low carb vegetables to be eaten daily that are remarkably on the brink of the recommendations made by the USDA and therefore the American Diabetes Association. 


A key concept within the South Beach diet is that the Glycemic Index. Foods are ranked on a scale of 1-100 consistent with their Glycemic index - the quantity by which they raise blood glucose levels after meals. the main target of your diet should get on foods low on the GI level, like yogurt, cucumbers and broccoli and whole grain cereal, while avoiding those high on the GI scale like light bread , potatoes and pretzels. 


In addition to the above, the South Beach Diet offers the subsequent guidelines: 

* Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water and other decaffeinated beverages per day (excluding fruit juices) 

* Limit your intake of caffeine-containing beverages to 1 cup every day 

 * Take one multivitamin and mineral supplement daily 

 * Take between 500 and 1,000 mg of calcium daily 


Phase III: 

The lifetime maintenance plan is almost just like the load loss phase, with more portions of foods allowed. 


Dr. Agatston cautions that patients being treated for diabetes, impaired kidney function, pregnancy or other chronic illness should consult their physician before embarking on any weight loss regimen.