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Weight Watchers Weight Loss Strategies: My Top 10


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Recently I hit my goal weight and moved to the load Watchers Maintenance Program. i have been brooding about it tons as I still do my best to follow the program, and wondering how it's i used to be ready to lose nearly 33 pounds in 8 months. So, i made a decision to write down my Top 10 Strategies. I'll list them Dave Letterman style.

Top 10 Weight Watchers Weight Loss Strategies That Worked on behalf of me 

10. I confirm to possess many 1 and a couple of point treats within the house. I work on home and i have learned that i prefer to snack and nibble during the day so it is vital to possess low point treats available so i do not feel guilty.

9. I let people know (my friends, family and colleagues) what I'm performing on in order that they can support me and provides me kudos once I succeed.

8. I share my success and challenges on a blog ( This has been an excellent outlet on behalf of me to focus myself on what i want to stay doing, reading and brooding about so as to remain on target .

7. i exploit the load Watchers online etools. I'm a nut for details therefore the online program is great on behalf of me . I work on home and sit ahead of a computer all day. It's no problem on behalf of me to feature my food immediately to the web points tracker. I also enter my weight every Saturday after my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. i buy an instantaneous visual representation of how I'm going as I view the graph.

6. I attend the weekly Weight Watchers meetings without fail. i feel in 8 months I've only missed two thanks to being out of town on business and unable to urge to a gathering . Though, once I know I'm getting to be out of town, i will be able to usually at the very least go the day before and weigh in.

5. I weigh and measure my food. I learned quickly that what my eye thinks is 2 ounces usually may be a lot more. I'm not consistent about this but more often than not I do weigh or measure what I'm eating and drinking.

4. I track my points. I write down what I eat. I hear Flora in my head saying, "You bite it, you write it." I've learned that once I abate from writing everything down, I either don't lose or I gain weight that week. Again, my eyes aren't an honest judge of quantity.

3. I compute 4 times per week. Before Weight Watchers I took Pilates classes 3 times per week. Though i used to be getting stronger, i used to be not losing weight. actually i used to be gaining weight thanks to hormones, a sedentary job and eating an excessive amount of . I switched to 2 days of Pilates and a couple of days of cardio workout. I started the cardio workout an equivalent day I joined Weight Watchers and that i realize it has make an enormous difference. Last week I even started walking to my Pilates studio since it's only a ten minute walk. Up so far i have been driving, if you'll believe that.

2. I even have a buddy. My dear friend and that i joined Weight Watchers together, also as joined the gym together. We attend the meetings together. We compute 2 times per week together. We mention food and the way we're doing all the time. We evangelize about Weight Watchers. Without my buddy i do not think i might have stayed with the program. No, i do know i might not have stayed with the program.

1. And no 1 . I made the choice to hitch Weight Watchers. I had heard tons of success stories about Weight Watchers and after putting on 30 pounds over the course of three years, i made a decision it had been time to require action. I had been telling myself it had been age and hormones that contributed to the load gain which could also be partly true, but I had to require action and do something so I could feel good about myself, my body and my health.

That's it. There are probably more things that would be added to the present list. Now my challenge goal is to take care of for six weeks and obtain to Lifetime Member.

Oh, I just remembered another thing I did. I read a piece of writing , i feel on Weight Watchers Online, about rewarding yourself once you had best . So I found out a bank account and deposited $10 whenever I lost a pound. I call it the "Pamper Me" account. Now, i will be able to add $10 hebdomadally I maintain my weight. Then, eventually, I'll do something wonderful to pamper myself!

Good luck and best wishes to you in your journey to weight loss!