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How many weight-watchers use 20+ TABLESPOONS of sugar in their coffee or tea? i assume the solution thereto is zero. Why? Because all weight-watchers know that sugar features a high calorific value and is therefore detrimental to weight loss. Also using that quantity of sugar will create liver problems eventually. So my question is: ‘If high levels of sugar are bad for us, and that we all seem to understand that's true, why can we drink soda that contains 20+ TABLESPOONS of sugar in each can?’

It is hard to assess what percentage people ruin their weight control program by drinking soda (carbonated water, fizzy drinks or soft drinks, depending upon which country you reside in, are all sorts of what I ask as soda), judging by the sales of those drinks i assume the solution is most weight-watchers fall under this trap.

A young man that i do know was heading down the road to obesity in his early twenties and being an accountant he was aware that his job didn’t include workout that help burn off calories. Like most twenty something people he didn’t just like the idea of happening a diet so he decided to chop soda and fast foods from his diet. Result, in but six-months he was 26 pounds lighter, feeling healthier and searching trim. That was eleven years ago and he still remains trim today, he eats well but adamantly refuses to travel back to fast foods or soda.

It doesn’t matter what brand of soda you drink, or whether it's labeled “light” or “diet” all of them contain massive amounts of sugar and are unhealthy.

Finally we should always not leave this text without taking a glance at hyper-activity in children. there's little doubt that prime sugar dosage is usually the explanation for children becoming hyperactive, it also leads the behavioral problems. Consequently it's advisable to require an extended , hard, check out what your child’s sugar intake is especially including soda.

The healthiest drink is water; it'll also quench your thirst better and for extended than soda, and it's also rated at zero calories, which should make it the weight-watchers drink of choice. For your children you'll find it beneficial to form them smoothies using fresh fruit as an alternate to soda.

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