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Weight: The Thanksgiving Hangover


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The feasting is over. The turkey has disappeared: roasted and hot, microwaved leftovers, then cold sandwiches and eventually croquettes or thrown into soup.

You hop on the size with trepidation and breathe an extended sigh of relief when the dreaded poundage fails to seem . Before you relax and think you bought away with it, remember that your sneaky little body is playing its usual tricks. Two or three days of Spartan eating will cause you to feel virtuous again -until you tread on the size and find you've gained 5 pounds. "Fraud" you shriek. "I've been so good!"

Remember the vacation feast? it's finally trapped with you as you knew, deep down, that it might .

What to do?

We all need brief periods of self-indulgence - it's a part of the human condition. Expect a setback on your weight loss goals and let that knowledge mitigate your disappointment. Then continue on your diet with the reassurance that a special day blip doesn't define your future. Enjoy the memories of a family gathering while carefully planning your next week's intake.

Appreciate what you've got accomplished thus far and avoid loading yourself down with guilt and self-reproach.

Get back on your program as quickly as possible because (sorry to bring this up now) Christmas is coming and therefore the goose is getting fat.