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Weight Loss Support Is Critical


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Losing weight isn't rocket science. It requires no special diet, no special foods and no special exercise program. All we'd like to try to to is eat less calories than we burn. Despite this, also as an ever growing number of diets and weight control plans, obesity continues to grow. and therefore the overwhelming majority of dieters find it almost impossible to reduce without regaining everything within a matter of months. Why is this? Answer: because we do not get enough support.

Get Proper Help To reduce 

Our greatest need when dieting is encouragement. we'd like people to cheer our successes and help us overcome our disasters. Amazingly, most online weight loss programs fail to deal with this need. Instead, they specialise in what we should always eat, what percentage calories we should always consume, and what exercise we should always take. And while this recommendation is beneficial , it isn't critical. Because most folks know these things already. What we've difficulty with, is motivation. we all know what to try to to so as to reduce , but we will not sustain it. Maybe we lack a robust incentive, or perhaps our family situation interferes with our weight loss plans, or even we hate cooking and dine out too often. Whatever difficulty we've , it isn't likely to involve food or exercise. It's far more likely to be a motivational or lifestyle problem. Yet as I say, most online programs don't offer motivational or lifestyle support. And even once they do, their advice can often be expensive and quite uninspiring!

Survey Of Dieters

The value of proper support was highlighted during a recent survey of members of Anne Collins online weight loss program. The program includes a 24/7 community forum specializing in motivation and lifestyle support, with several thousand topics and approximately 100,000 posts. Subjects were asked to assess the private benefit that they had obtained from the forum. a complete of 1,348 subjects responded, of whom 81 percent rated the program's community forum as "important" or "very important" in helping them to reduce , while but 5 percent said it "made no difference." While in no way conclusive, the results indicate the sensible value of a "community" approach to weight management.

Weight Loss Meetings

For urban dieters, Weight Watchers is perhaps the simplest option. Their meetings are specially designed to assist dieters overcome difficulties, but even Weight Watchers has its limitations. First, it isn't cheap to hitch . Secondly, members typically attend just one occasion every week . So if your diet-wagon loses a wheel on Saturday night, you'll need to wait several days for subsequent meeting to assist you out. Like eDiets, Weight Watchers now offers a web service, but again - at something like $250-300 a year - it isn't cheap.

Not Easy to vary Habits

Changing our eating habits is not any easy matter. Sure, it helps to understand that a cup of fat-free milk contains 40 percent fewer calories and 16 times less fat than milk , or that lean ground steak contains half the calories and 4 times less fat than regular cheddar , but how does this help us to mention No to a second helping of pizza? How does it quench our desire for a double cheeseburger and fries? It doesn't. Because facing down temptation requires a change of attitude, a change of priorities. And in my experience, this takes time and the maximum amount encouragement as we will get. we'd like to listen to from people like us who have managed to vary their attitude and eating habits, and who can explain the way to overcome the issues involved. Above all, we'd like a safety-net if we fail. we'd like shoulders to cry on and "tough love" to assist us win through. In short, we'd like the support of a true community.

Join a web Community Forum

In my experience, dieters who join an honest online community forum can expect to lose 400-500 percent more weight than those that go solo. additionally , if they maintain their community membership after achieving their goals, they need a superb chance of maintaining their weight loss indefinitely. this is often because a web community can provide variety of specific benefits. First, as stated, it offers personal advice and encouragement. Secondly, it offers members the chance to assist people - something that typically works wonders for his or her self-esteem and understanding. Thirdly, most community forums are self-run. Members may reach become moderators or resident experts. This too may be a real confidence booster also as an excellent incentive to take care of weight lost. But far and away the main benefit is that the incontrovertible fact that online forums are in action 24 hours each day , 7 days every week . So support and human warmth is out there whenever you would like it. they're real 24/7 safety nets, especially Anne Collins forum which has members from all time zones of the planet .

Features to seem For

The best forums are active, well-managed and supply quality advice and support. Activity is best judged by checking the amount of "active" members, instead of total membership. and therefore the greater the amount of recent threads (topics) and posts (messages), the higher . Assessing the management and quality of the forum may be a bit harder . to try to to this, open a recent thread, scan the posts and appearance for the subsequent . First, how quickly do members and/or moderators reply to questions asked? Second, are the questions and answers reasonably serious, or more frivolous? Generally, a well-managed forum will have a better percentage of great posts. Other inquiries to ask yourself include: how "personal" does the forum appear to be? does one feel a way of heat and caring? What age-groups are most active? Take an honest shop around , and do not hurry. Finding the proper forum for yourself is crucial to your weight loss success.

Summary: specialise in What Matters

The secret of successful weight loss is to specialise in what matters. So don't waste an excessive amount of time or money trying to seek out the "perfect" diet. I mean no disrespect to any dietitian or nutritionist but, for many people, a diet may be a diet may be a diet. As long as it's reasonably balanced and includes an inexpensive number of calories, it'll do fine. What really matters is support - to assist you deal with temptation and disruption during your journey. a superb option is to hitch a web weight loss forum and be a part of a true community. Because once you have plenty of friendly people cheering you on, you'll move mountains.