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Well, wont to be"> i used to be watching some pictures yesterday and the way I used to look just 2 years ago and got amazed! OMG! How the heck did I placed on all this weight???

If you recognize me you're probably thinking that i'm not fat, ok, ok, i do know that, but I even have placed on 20 pounds on these last 2 years and if I keep happening this same rhythm i will be able to be over 200 pounds 6 years from now!!!

Don't even start me with the "you should exercise" talk, 'cause I DO know that! But the exercises that I do wish to do are quite hard to be done here because it's either too cold or raining outside.

I've tried to "control" myself and not eating unless i used to be hungry, but just the thought of controling myself or putting myself on a diet, made me placed on weight and that i am NOT kidding! It's that everytime that happens I tend to think even more about food, get anxious and find yourself eating quite I should.

This morning my sister sent me an email a few product that she is using and losing weight, in fact that the skeptical "old" sister thought "yeah, right! that's just BS!"

But, after contemplating the thought for a touch while I came to the conclusion that i do not have anything to lose, but.... POUNDS! So, what the heck, let's provides it a try!

I'll report back to you as soon as i buy the products!