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This the third day of dieting in my weight loss program and it'll be the last daily report during this series of articles to avoid you becoming tired of repetition. By now you'll have the thought that I only hand over one sort of food every day and generally eat what I please - reasonably . The caveat is that you simply must remember of serving sizes because it's thanks to over-generous serving sizes that the bulk folks are dieting. In future i will be able to publish three articles hebdomadally instead of seven. If you've got an issue you would like to ask please use the comments link at rock bottom to list your question and that i will reply to all or any questions.

Today i will be able to not eat any potatoes or potato products. Because I exercised yesterday i will be able to not exercise today but will remain conscious of things like parking as faraway from the supermarket entrance as possible and using stairs instead of escalators. - This now a neighborhood of my daily routine.

· Today started as normal by walking to the village to select up my daily newspaper. This walk is now extended to approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers)

· Breakfast is cornflakes with mixed dried fruits and nuts and milk and a banana and lime smoothie. (When I first awaken , before getting to buy my newspaper, I drink an outsized glass of water. - this is not compulsory but water has zero calories.)

· 10.30am I stop work to require a cup of lemon tea .

· 11.30am feeling peckish and that i eat a raw carrot.

· 1pm and its time for lunch. Lunch may be a ham and salad sandwich on whole-grain bread, an apple, a banana and a glass of fruit crush .

· After lunch I walk for ten-minutes, just an off-the-cuff walk to assist digest the food.

· 6pm is dinnertime, i prefer to eat early. Today was fillet with French beans and asparagus. My wife had a few of boiled potatoes together with her meal while I left an area on my plate where they might are . (This diet is basically very easy to deal with because I can have potatoes tomorrow if I please.)

Hopefully the folks that have joined me on this weight loss program are beginning to settle to the new routine by now and beginning to become vigilant about serving sizes. I just want to repeat that in this era there's definitely no beer or drinks that fizz, albeit they need sugar free or low calorie etc. printed on the label. Just accept that these drinks are a weight watchers biggest headache and do no good for your diet at any time.

Next article will cover two days and be published two days from now.

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