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Weight Loss Day by Day Diary:

Day 1: Sunday February 5, 2006.

In response to an email I received from a reader I even have haunted her suggestion to share my next weight control program by publishing my weight loss diary in article form for everyone to follow.

I’ll start with a couple of personal details which will offer you a suggestion to form comparisons together with your own progress.

- My height may be a fraction over 6 feet. (1.83m)

- My current weight is 197 pounds (97.5 kilos)

- My target weight is 180 pounds (89 kilos.)

- My age is 65.

- My fitness is essentially sound but I do suffer from osteo-arthritis in both ankles. The left is severe the proper isn’t much of a drag .

I guess the rationale for coming clean on those personal details is to form the purpose that age or fitness may be a factor. Younger, fitter people will find this easier.

I have used this technique to regulate my weight for on the brink of thirty years now and it's never let me down. i exploit a really scientific measuring gauge referred to as a waistband. When it gets tight i want to lose some weight, when it goes slack i'm going back to my normal routine. Usually I only allow my weight to travel over by 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) before taking action. This year it's soared thanks to a really busy January that flew past so quickly I barely noticed it leaving my Christmas weight gain to urge worse. Now I even have to lose 17 pounds (7.65 kilos) which is what makes it more interesting and price sharing the experience with you.

You will notice from the above paragraph I even have little question that i will be able to break down and this is often a crucial a part of the load loss mindset. If this is often the primary time you've got attempted this technique you'll need to complete the primary few goals to prove that you simply can do it; then you'll have an equivalent degree of confidence that I even have .

The first thing i need to do is about goals. Adherence to and achievement of goals is that the basic difference between winners and losers. Here i need to be honest and tell you that 17 pounds looks like a mountain to me and that i know that it'll take me 17 weeks to successfully eliminate it. Hence i will be able to not even check out losing 17 pounds as my initial goal. My goals are listed below:

- At the top of week 1 i will be able to have abided by my goal of dropping one item of food from my diet every day without cheating. i will be able to lose one pound (450 grams)

- By the top of week 2 i will be able to have increased my walking/exercise periods from 10 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to 12 minutes each session. i will be able to have lost 2 pounds.

- By the top of February i will be able to exercise Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for quarter-hour whenever . My weight are going to be 194 pounds (96 kilos)

That is enough for now: i will be able to update my goals as i'm going along. As you'll see my weight loss goals are simple and accessible without an excessive amount of effort. Why? Because we must all start training our minds to realize our goals. If I set a goal to lose 10 pounds in one week and that i only lose eight i will be able to think of myself as a loser and shortly hand over . To be of use goals must be achievable or they're going to soon cease to function for us. - I even have entered my first three goals in my diary and tomorrow we start in earnest.

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