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Covers days 22 – 28

Four weeks ago I weighed 197 pounds (97.5 kilos) and my aim was to reduce at the speed of 1 pound (450 grams) per week until i used to be right down to 180 pounds; without abandoning any food that i prefer . that's an inexpensive weight for a person who may be a little over 6 feet (1.83m) tall. At my Friday evening weigh-in my weight was 190 pounds (94 kilos) which puts me three weeks before schedule in just my fourth week.

Health wise I even have regained much aerobic fitness and my muscles are firming. I now wish that I had recorded waist, hip and thigh measurements before I started and was ready to give news on what I measure. Unfortunately I’m not a scientific person and only work by my waist belt – the news thereon is sweet . At the top of week two i used to be ready to suck everything in and take my close up by a notch, today that extra notch is extremely comfortable and perhaps just a touch slack. My feelings are very positive about deciding to travel on this program and it's no trouble to stay up with, as my weight loss so far indicates. actually I doubt whether the program will run seventeen weeks because weight is disappearing at the speed of 1 and three quarter pounds hebdomadally instead of the one-pound I targeted at the beginning .

During the week I received an email from a lover of the program asking me to clarify the tactic of taking your own pulse when exercising. you'll recall that we exercise 3 times weekly for ten-minutes or until our pulse increases by 50%. Here are the principles for taking your own pulse.

- you can't take your pulse together with your thumb; it's to be with a finger.

- Place the rear of your left wrist into your right palm and curl right fingers around to the within of your left wrist. pity the heart beat .

- once you have located your pulse count what percentage beats in six-seconds.

- Because six seconds is one-tenth of a moment you only add a zero to the amount of beats counted in six seconds and this may give your rate per minute. For instance: If you count seven beats in six seconds your normal pulse is 70 per minute.

- to extend your pulse by 50% from 70 per minute you would like to extend to 105 beats per minute – which is between 10 and 11 beats per six-seconds. Easy isn’t it?

As you get fitter you'll find that it takes quite ten-minutes to boost your pulse by 50%; you only keep exercising until you achieve the specified increase. within the youth you'll find that you simply only got to exercise for 5-minutes to realize the specified pulse . That’s fine, don’t push it, and just stop exercising once you have achieved the five hundred increase.

I’m getting to make my bacon sandwich now. Like I said I hand over nothing that i prefer for quite at some point .

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