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Covers days 9 thru 14

The great news is that at my Friday evening weigh-in I even have lost 3 pounds (1.35 kilos) which puts me 50% before my target of losing 1 pound hebdomadally . My waist belt is feeling easier because the new ‘one notch tighter’ position that was achieved last week so i'm certainly achieving the main goal of measuring less.

The other thing that I’ve discovered is that my exercise sessions are now running for fifteen minutes 3 times hebdomadally instead of the originally recommended ten minute session. this is often undue to me pushing harder, it's just because my body seems to require to require more exercise. i feel this extra exercise may be a major reason why my weight loss is running before schedule. Exercise should never be forced because some people have health problems that prevent them doing an excessive amount of . you want to discuss any new exercise regime together with your doctor before getting involved; that’s just sense .

It is at this stage of a weight loss program that a lot of people become complacent and for this reason it's an honest time to repeat the of the fundamentals of the program. On the day before I started I set the subsequent four goals:

- every day i will be able to nominate one item of food which will not be eaten that day.

- i will be able to exercise 3 times hebdomadally for a minimum of ten minutes.

- every day i will be able to incorporate extra activities in my normal routine which will help improve fitness level.

- i will be able to lose one pound (450 grams) hebdomadally .

The philosophy behind those four goals is:

- there's no point in nominating dairy products because the food you'll avoid on a given day if you don’t consume dairy products, or your consumption is little . it's better to nominate something that you simply eat regularly. If you nominate potatoes for today then leave an area on your plate where potato would normally be served. this is often what abstaining from one food item every day means.

- I exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday. this is often a proper exercise session for a minimum of ten minutes. The target is to boost your pulse by 50%.

- Increasing physical activity incorporates using stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the purpose furthest from the supermarket entrance, constantly asking whether you actually got to use the car whenever you propose to travel out. this is often an extension of your formal exercise program and must be used a day .

- Three thousand five hundred calories are adequate to one pound (450 grams) of weight . To lose one pound hebdomadally you want to use 500 calories less every day . An human body requires two thousand calories every day to function properly. within the western world the typical adult consumes three thousand five hundred calories every day . It isn’t difficult to shed an easy five hundred calories every day . This done by a mix of healthier eating habits and increased exercise levels. there's nothing more to losing weight.

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