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Days 6, 7 & 8

Now I’m truly into the rhythm of the program and therefore the first weekend passed without problem. actually I’m already finding ten-minutes of exercise to be insufficient and am now doing fifteen-minutes more acceptable. From doing this program before I do know that during a few weeks from now I’ll exercise for half-hour every second day. that's why at the beginning I of the program I stipulate just ten-minutes exercise session; it enables you to interrupt into the routine gradually. Your body will dictate once you need more or less.

On Saturday, day 6, I dropped bread and pastry for the day. Day 7, Sunday, it had been chocolate that was axed. In our house Sunday may be a big chocolate day because my wife may be a chocoholic and it’s the sole day she allows chocolate to require over. once I was ready to get through Sunday without chocolate and not really miss it I knew that i used to be fully into the routine and this weight loss program would prove successful.

On Sunday morning we did our weekly shopping and that i started by parking the car as faraway from the shop entrance as possible. Y’know its really great once you don’t need to fight for a parking lot . Inside the Shopping Plaza we used stairs instead of escalators within the knowledge that every extra piece of energy expended was helping to realize my weight loss target. I carry this routine throughout the program questioning everything I do and asking the question: How am i able to put a touch more energy into this task?

Monday was Day 8 and that i was back to no potatoes for the day. If you've got been following the diary you'll know that I leave an empty space on my plate where potatoes would go. This space jogs my memory that i'm actually taking in less calories and it also acts as a reminder that tomorrow I can eat potatoes again therefore the sacrifice is a smaller amount hard in touch . For dinner I had a diet dish because i prefer an Asian taste with my food from time to time and cooking by wok is extremely healthy.

Progress so far: On Monday evening I tightened my belt by an additional notch. this is often the primary physical sign that something good is occurring .

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