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From 8 April thru 16 April 2006.

This is the ultimate weight loss diary entry that i will be able to be publishing because although i used to be still half pound (225 grams) in need of my target weight on Friday Pan American Day I extended this session by another few days to form my target. Sunday’s weigh-in saw my weight at 180 pounds (89 kilo’s) the target I assail February 5 when my weight was 198 pounds (98 kilo’s).

At the beginning of the load loss program the target was set to lose one pound (450 grams) hebdomadally making it an 18-week assignment; it's been achieved in only 10 weeks. During this era no food that i prefer has been given up for quite one-day at a time and exercise has been set at just 30-minutes hebdomadally . (However i need to state that as I got into the exercise regime and began enjoying the added fitness it did increase to about an hour each week).

So what was the foremost successful thing about the program?

A tough question to answer because each a part of the program is so important. However if pushed to select one single thing it must be learning about serving sizes. Ignoring healthy serving sizes is that the biggest explanation for obesity within the western world.

What did i prefer most about the program?

That’s a simple question because I liked regaining aerobic fitness above everything else. Not just the formal exercise a part of the program but just being more conscious of including exercise in my lifestyle . Stopping delivery of my daily newspaper and walking to shop for it each morning. Parking my car as far as possible from the supermarket entrance was great in two ways: First it made me walk a touch further to and from the car. Second I rarely had a drag parking the car and it had been totally hassle free – a gorgeous thanks to live your life. Then there was refusing to use any escalator if stairs were available. Now I find myself trying to find hills to steer up for no other reason than the challenge. This added mobility has another added benefit; I’ve met numerous new and interesting people that take regular exercise.

The advantage of losing 18 pounds (9 kilo’s) is sweet for my health, but even better for my social life is that the new folks that I’ve met and my rediscovered aerobic fitness. Life is basically great.

From emails that I receive i do know that some people are following this program with me and a few are beating my results while others aren't quite on par. the good thing is that even the smallest amount successful remains losing one-pound hebdomadally which is that the program target. Congratulations. albeit you're 200 pounds overweight it'll only take four years at the most to realize your target without abandoning anything that you simply like. the sole question you would like answer is do i would like to lose one-pound (450 grams) each week?

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