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From 18 thru 24 March.

After last week’s set back in my weight loss program in the week is great because at my Friday weigh-in i used to be right down to 186 pounds (92 Kilograms) and my waist belt is up one extra notch. Now that has sounded alarm bells because it's the ultimate notch on the belt and that i hate making extra holes.

This puts the load loss program right back on target to realize a weight of 180 pounds (89 kilos) that was the first target. I did set 17 weeks because the target period but will beat that deadline by around 4 weeks or more at the speed I’m losing weight.

The focus during the past week has been to extend my level of exercise – not by having longer or more vigorous exercise sessions but by being more aware of doing those little extra things that we all pretend that we don’t have time to try to to . Like choosing stairs instead of an escalator when the choice is out there , becoming really serious about questioning whether i want to use the car to try to to a chore and just getting off my butt and taking a walk after dinner.

One instance that I recall in the week was once I promised my wife to bring a carton of milk back once I walked right down to buy my morning paper. The page was so interesting I totally forgot to shop for the milk and arrived back home without milk. - Now I wear the pants in my house together with her permission so I immediately rotated and made for the car to return to the village. Then i assumed of my promise to extend exercise, so I slipped the car keys into my pocket and walked back to the village. Needless to state I felt pleased with myself for pocketing the car keys and remembering my exercise pledge. Maybe that extra trip to the village was worth half a pound in weight loss?

It doesn’t matter whether the exercise helped me reduce or not, it certainly helped make this old body a touch fitter which is equally as important as losing weight. What’s the purpose in losing weight if your body remains too unfit to enjoy the advantages of weighing less?

As your body becomes fitter during the method of following this technique you ought to never stop reminding yourself that this extra fitness are going to be the main think about keeping the load off. Because you're suit you will want to be more active and activity burns calories.

This article is copyright © David McCarthy 2006.