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From March 11 thru 17

Back to reality in the week with the shock news that my weight didn't go down enough to report; probably no quite a couple of ounces (around 50 grams). Hence I’m sad to report that my weight still stands at 188 pounds (93 kilos). i assume I became a touch too complacent after the higher than expected results of the last few weeks. This raises the large question of who, or what, is to blame?

As I live by the rule that i'm liable for all that goes wrong, also as all that goes right, in my life then it stands to reason that i'm responsible . Because i'm responsible for a poor week then i do know that it's within my power to show that around within the coming week. That’s the good thing about accepting responsibility – you'll always turn things around. folks that avoid responsibility rarely turn things around.

So what happened to the positive momentum? Without using this as an excuse I even have suffered a small cold for the past week and haven't been exercising at the speed I even have become wont to . Exercise has been a serious a part of my calorie burn-off routine. This has been offset slightly by the very fact that whilst feeling unwell I haven’t eaten the maximum amount either. Probably this explains why my weight has remained an equivalent instead of increasing; my calorie intake has been lower and that i guess I reached the right balance of weight neutrality in the week . That’s fine when my weight is where i would like it to be but immediately I still got to lose 8 pounds (3.9 kilos) to succeed in my target weight.

In this coming week i will be able to not plan to lose quite my target 1 pound (450 grams) because once you start playing catch up it throws the whole routine and places you under greater pressure. Psychologically it's better to simply accept that I didn't reach my target last week and advance .

This week nothing will change, my target is one pound, my exercise sessions will still be three per week and that i will still strive to place more aerobic action into my normal day.

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